Kim and The Created

Kim and The Created at The Troubadour, let’s go crazy!
Words and Photography by Mila Reynaud

I’m back to see Kim and the Created one more time, because I didn’t get enough at Deserted at the Palms!!  I think it’s my fifth time seeing this band and it gets better and better with each performance. Another reason to see this band again was because this was their homecoming gig, ending their National Tour and I heard that It will be crazy!! And I got what I wanted, it was Raw! Raw Power! Beer shower included!

Kim House, (singer & bass) might be the most dynamic performer on stage I have seen for a long time, something like Iggy Pop and Lux Interior, a kind of hypnotizing energy. It’s why I really enjoy them on stage again and again, the same for her powerful tunes and Kim knows how to drive them with her unique voice tone.

Formed in LA three years ago by Kim House, Kim and The Created is a band who really digs deep into the punk vibe in a new way. And yes, I think Kim House really deserves her special mention “ Lady of Punk in LA”  recently named by Vice Magazine.

The full line-up of the night started with Jurassic Shark, The Buttertones, Adult Books and Kim and The Created as headliners. All of them did  killer sets.

New gigs will be announced in August for LA and O.C., you can check it out on their links.