Two Saints

467779_524649067582117_1482823469_oTWO SAINTS
By Thomaxe

Boston Underground Rock Gods are back with a brand new 7 tracks EP, and -if you don’t already have it- I am giving you whatever time it will take for you to read these lines to open up a second window and place your order…

Two Saints was formed in the late 80’s by Marky Mussel (guitar) and Joe Mazzari (vocals/guitar), joined by Greg Steinbaugh on bass.

Through the 80’s, Joe Mazzari had played in the Daughters.

The Daughters, who recorded with famed producer Jimmy Miller, frequently shared the stage with NYC Punk Rock legends the Heartbreakers, which led to Mazzari performing with Johnny Thunders and appearing on a few of his studio albums.

As the decade was about to close, Joe met Marky who soon offered to join him and the guys he was playing with.

Two Saints was born.

Between 1989 and 1991 they released two LPs and three 7inches, achieved three UK tours on top of their regular US East Coast ones, and got national and international airplay.

After the Two Saints parted, they all went on with different projects until 2012 when Mark and Joe started talking about getting back together.

Original Two Saints bassist Greg joined forces again, and drummer Jeff Brandli was the latest and perfect addition to a solid team in 2015.

Released in 2016, Return of the Sun proves that the guys have not lost their chemistry and magic.

7 essential tracks by an essential band who is now looking to get back to Europe and Tour extensively to support this release ( if any booking agency reads this, I’d strongly suggest to reach out to them).

I’ve seen the Two Saints perform live on several occasions here in NYC, and to say that they blew off the stage each and every band that was on their line up those nights…well, that would be to say the least.

These guys are as tight as it gets, these guys are good, and I mean REALLY REALLY good. These guys have it.

Don’t expect any parading around on social media photos, wearing “cool” clothes & trying hard. That’s only good for amateurs.

Two Saints? Well…Two Saints are the real deal.

You’ve been warned.

Act accordingly.


(Joe’s band the Daughters recently released a very fine rarities LP on the equally fine RAVE UP Records label, that –also- should be in your list of albums to get)


Thomaxe Goze, NYC