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It Still Matters
Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood)

On Saturday July 29th in the year of our Lord, 2017, legions of rock and rollers of all shapes and sizes will descend upon the Whisky a Go-Go in Hollywood California for the 16th annual Cruefest Hollywood. Now some of you may say, “Why?” After all Motley Crue is done, rock and roll is dead, and nobody cares about some dumb charity fund raiser where the money goes God only knows were. Well I am here brothers and sisters to tell you, why after almost two decades, Cruefest Hollywood is more pertinent today than ever, that rock and roll is still alive and well, and where the money went.

Let’s start by saying that Cruefest Hollywood is an annual charity event that was started by Motley Crue fans across the planet seventeen years ago. Seems they wanted an excuse to party, make friends, and rock out. The genius was to raise money for children’s cancer charities while they were at it. Since then it has been a constant force in the front line battle against one of the world’s most deadly diseases.

At Cruefest Hollywood’s inception, and for quite a few years thereafter, monies were donated to the Skylar Neil Foundation.  Skylar Neil was the daughter of Vince Neil who passed away from cancer at the age of 4. Just try and imagined what that would be like for any parent to endure. Vince founded the Skylar Neil Foundation that went on to raise millions of dollars for cancer research. At some point, Cruefest Hollywood proceeds were also directed to other children’s cancer charities, and in some cases, went directly to assist families 16174851_1340324429343136_7479794431238678157_nafflicted with this calamity directly. So, no, the organizers of this event are not paying rent, mortgages, or liquor bills with Cruefest Hollywood revenues. In fact, the organizers pay for their own airfare to L.A., hotel accommodations, food, drinks, and any others necessities out of their own pockets. God bless them one and all.

Now let’s talk rock and roll and particularly the bands that play at Cruefest Hollywood. All bands since the very first Cruefest Hollywood play for free. Yes, I said, free. They do not get paid, and many even contribute financially to the raffles and other ways that monies are raised. Hell, who doesn’t want to win some of the bad ass raffle prizes donated each year. Those in attendance have bared witness to some amazing rock moments including, but certainly not limited to, the first ever North American performance of Vains of Jenna that kicked everybody’s ass and made instant stars out of those motherfuckers, the infamous performance by The Erotics where Mike Trash put on an amazing alcohol-fueled spectacle that people are still talking about years later, and recently, an incendiary performance from the Graham Bonnet Band. Blacklist Union has performed several times at Cruefest Hollywood always putting on an incredible display, last time complete with smokin’ hot Go-Go girls to boot. LA’s beloved Stonebreed has graced the stage several times, including last year when they were not even on the bill. Seems a band had to bow out on the day of and a quick call to Stonebreed had them in their cars to fill the gap. They rock.

Hell, I could go on forever, other favorite musical memories from Cruefest Hollywood bouncing around in my skull include Jack Viper, Scarlet Rose, Stingray, Trash Light Vision, Elegantly Wasted, Lovely, The Gutter Boys, Sabrina Korva, Rok Hollywood, Miss Crazy, London, Kid Ego, Sick, Dead End Gypies, Picture Yes, Dave Mansfield and the LAMF’s, Kemical Kill, Skin Mask, Willie Basse, Ten after Ten, Hardly Dangerous, Murder FM, Rosie and the Cobras, Backseat Superstars, Tuff, and a killer celebrity jam that included Stacy Blades, Chip Z’Nuff and Stephen Adler. And that is just a drop in the bucket of all the rock and roll outfits that have torn it up over the years. Everyone in attendance whether it be one year or more, surely has recollect of something grand. So, no, rock and roll is not dead, either at Cruefest Hollywood or in a zillion venues across the planet where bands play their hearts out for throngs of people still living the rock and roll dream.

Then there’s the rock and roll raffle that occurs each year. It’s simple, you buy raffle tickets, the money goes to charity, and at strategic times during the night, some hot looking rock and rollers get on stage and draw winning tickets. After each draw, someone goes nuts and takes home one of the glorious donated raffle items. It happens over and over until all the goods are gone. We’re talking guitars, lots of guitars, and other cool shit like autographed memorabilia, cymbals, drum sticks, shirts, hoodies, jackets, art work, posters, and much much more. There’s even a stack o’ rock biographies donated each year by none other than your favorite rock and roll website SugarBuzz Magazine. Get your read on.

Then there’re those who go to the show. If people watching is your thing, this is the place to be. All varieties of humanoid show. Freaks, geeks, creeps, rock and rollers, punks, Goths, stoners, and average Joe’s all getting their fix and looking for love. Get there early because the show has a tendency to get really packed and if you want to scope the cream of the crop, get it while it’s still up for grabs. I’ve got a zillion stories from past events, anything will and can happen when people get a snoot-full and let down their inhibitions.

So get your asses down to the Whisky a Go-Go on July 29th, 2017. I’m giving you advanced notice so you can make travel arrangements, hotel reservations, and illicit contraband connections now. Let’s make this year’s Cruefest Hollywood the most memorable yet. We all like trouble, so get to Hollywood and get some. Oh and one last thing, Motley Crue is never done as long as diehard fans keep their music and memories alive. Come share your favorite Motley Crue stories with others and break out your favorite Motley Crue record right now and crank it!!! Now … on with the show.