By Christopher Duda (SugarBuzzbendoverandsquealikeapigland)

Etiquette and Gardening Superstitions

I have recently been taken to task for not thanking someone for a plant that they gave me. Now it wasn’t the person who gave me the plant who complained, as a gardener she understands my reasons, but this other person could not understand why my lack of thanking was acceptable.

You see, my mother, granny and great-grandmother have always maintained that if you thank someone for the gift of a plant, it won’t grow or may even die. I know its superstition, but I can’t bring myself to break with tradition. It’s a fairly widespread thing and as I said, I’ve never had a problem with other gardeners. The usual polite response is to compliment the skill of the gardener who has given you the plant. “Look at how beautiful, you sure have a green thumb!”
I also won’t plant cucumbers during a certain time of the month for the same reason.

1. How important is the history and musical landscape of Detroit to
your overall sound and being?

a) Eminem or Kid Rock?

2. Are comparisons to The Black Lips accurate or just lazy journalism?
a) Lazily Accurate

3. How did your relationship with Alive Records come to being?
a. We met him on chatroulette!

4. What are some of your more memorable shows or tours?
a. Killer show at Luther House (Ann Arbor), last New Year’s Eve at Pj’s
Lager House, Union Pool in NYC with Rifle, Death By Audio with The
Beets and Xray Eyeballs

5. How and why did your tour stop in NYC drain you financially? Do
they still have those peep shows, or was it excessive cheap beer or
was it………????
a) Renting a Hotel on 5th ave and cocaine are surprisingly expensive

6. In the inner sleeve you appear posing between green bushes. Do you like green, bountiful bushes or was this symbolic of your love for the female genitalia?
a) Yes

7. Who did the sketches on the back of the cd?
a) Jeffrey

8. Is there any band that you would currently like to share the stage with?
a) Lady Gaga, The Stones, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Moonhearts, John Wesley
Coleman III, Gang of Four, Gonjasufi, Elton John, Alice Cooper

9. Have you been happy with the overall reception of the cd release?
a) Absolutely. Patrick at Alive and Tony Pavement PR has been very good to us.

10. Would there be anything in hindsight you would like to change
about this release?
a) Love it and are ready to do another one

11. Are there plans to record for a potential second release? Do you
have material that you are currently playing that would be included on
the second cd?
a) Definitely

12. What gear do you use? In your opinion how important is it to have
quality gear or instruments?
a) We find our various mid 60′s and mid 70′s gear sound really good
and have lots of personality. They don’t quite make them like they
used to. The handmade stuff is the way to go. Tom Petty rules.

13. What is your drink of choice?
a) Maze Time

14. How would you best describe your sound?
a. Maze Time and lil’ Safe Effect and Poems in the Puffs… AKA Black Lips
b. Black Lips
c. Jazz Not
d. All of the above

15. Are there any current bands that deserve some attention?
a) Sugarcoats, Kelly Jean Caldwell, Tyvek, Human Eye, Moonhearts, Natural Child, John Wesley Coleman III, Bad Party, Feelings, Sammy and the Supremes, F’ke Blood, Dead People!, Rod Stewart, Larry (from
Detroit), White Mystery, Warren (from Columbus), Sound and Fury, Disappears, D. Watusi, Spaceband, Druid Perfume, Protomartyr, Johnny Ill Band, Terrible Twos, Brownstown Gals, X-ray Eyeballs, The Beets, The Whines, The Mahonies, Brillant Colors… probably forgetting some and could keep going for quite a while…

16. Are there any plans to hit Canada (or Ontario since it is just a
jump over the border)
a) Aug 23 – Aug 27 Eastern Canada. Get for info

17. What does a typical Gardens groupie look like? Do they have special talents?
a) Your average mid 40′s postal worker / rad girls with stick and poke
tattoos / Bar Tenders, Hair Dressers and Potheads
Special Talents: Dancing

18. Who is the biggest asshole in Rock and Roll (and don’t say me!)
a) A tie between Craig Brown or Joey Mazzola

19. Where do you plan to be in the next 10 years as a band?
a) Africa

20. Would there be an interest in doing a show with Scott Morgan?
a) Yes

21. Why has there not been a tour post on your website for a month?
a) The internet in Detroit was out. Were updating now.

22. Who is the most annoying band member and why?
a) Matt because he’s a cop

23. What are your thoughts on organized religion, abortion,
evangelists and the Oxycontin problem with youth in America?
a) Terence Mckenna videos for president

24. Do you have day jobs?
a) Matt’s a cop

Parting Thoughts?

The meat roll
2 pounds of boiled unseasoned beef rolled in water logged wonder bread

The meat cup
Half pound of unseasoned boiled meat balls thinly sliced with a layer
of water soaked wonder bread, mayo topped with water.

The meat bucket
Used KFC chicken bucket filled with Vince’s world famous unseasoned
boiled beef topped with water marinated wonder bread topped with a
half pound of mayo and a half gallon of water…yum!

The shake
Vince’s beef mixed with mayo served with a large stray.

Cheese cake
Beef, nacho cheese, sugar and water served on a marinated piece of wonder bread.

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