Danny Fury

Danny Fury pounded the cans for all our favorite bands in the flash metal and punk’n'roll underground-intensely venerated groups, like Kill City Dragons, Lords Of The New Church, Rogue Male, Vain, and Wild At Heart. Along with Razzle of Hanoi Rocks, Bam from the Dogs D’Amour, Ozzy of Gunfire Dance, and his predecessor in the Lords-Nicky Turner; Danny was one of the quintessential drummer/personalities from the post-punk era, and it was our pleasure to inquire with him about his storied history, as an integral part of our sleazy rock’nroll/glamour punk subculture. Be on the lookout for his newest gang of glittery rock’n'rollers, Wild At Heart!
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Where are you from, what was your family like?
DANNY FURY: I was born in Switzerland. Didn’t grow up with my family, my brother and I grew up in an orphanage. 
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Early bands? What were your earliest introductions to rock’n'roll? How were you affected by seventies glam and punk?
DANNY FURY: When I was thirteen, I got into glam, in a big way: The Sweet, T-Rex, Bowie, Alice Cooper, Mott the Hoople, NY Dolls etc. I got a bit late into punk around 1980, but then it was like a real fresh breath.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Did you ever see Smack, or the Fishheads from Finland?
DANNY FURY: I’ve seen Smack, at the Marquee, in London, in the eighties. Nasty, my friend from Hanoi Rocks, took me there ’cause they were his pals.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What do you recall about the Babysitters, Marionette, Crybabys, Specimen,
and Sputnik?
DANNY FURY: Specimen I saw at the Bat-Cave when I first came to London in ’84, cool look, some good songs, and a great show! The Babysitters, Marionettes, and Crybabys I don’t recall all that well, some of them supported us with the Lords of the New Church and the Kill City Dragons. S.S. Sputnik was a bit of a hype band, I thought at the time…
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Ever see the Dogs D’amour, Only Ones, Hanoi Rocks, Jacobites, Soho Roses?
DANNY FURY: The Dogs D’amour often played with the Lords, and I’m good friends with Bambam. I know ‘The Only One’s’ and ‘Soho Roses’, but I’ve never seen them live. I’ve seen all of Hanoi Rocks members (except Razzle) perform, but not in Hanoi, they already split up, when I came to London. I’ve played a short while with Nasty in Stiv Bator’s band.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Ever gig with the Godfathers, Thee Hypnotics, Birdland, or Gunfire Dance? 
DANNY FURY: I’ve auditioned for the Godfathers, but they told me I’m too good for them… But I think I just had the wrong image as they had short hair and wore suits. They smoked all my pot away tho… Gunfire Dance supported the Dragons several times and I’m friends with Ozzy, we just went for a Pizza last Saturday.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: How did you meet Stiv Bators? Discuss the Lords, Deadboys, Stiv, Evil Boys, Wanderers, Whores Of Babylon, etc…Fondest memories… 
DANNY FURY: I was supporting the Lords in Zurich (Switzerland) when I met Stiv first. I asked him if he knows a band in London looking for a drummer and he replied I could have Nicky’s job when he dies, don’t think Nicky thought it was that funny, but as we know now, I DID get his job. Stiv often told that story in interviews and thought it was in the stars and meant to be. I roomed with Stiv on many tours over the years and we became like brothers. There are too many fond memories to talk about now, but there’s hardly a day going by, without me thinking of him, and missing him. He probably is the most influential person in my life. A great guy, an amazing lyric writer and performer. A one-off guy and they broke his mold.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Tell me all about Rogue Male…
DANNY FURY: There’s again too much to tell but I learned a lot with them and I’m still good friends with Jim Lyttle and Johnny Fraser Binnie. They are a very professional band and reformed a few month ago. They asked me to rejoin but I got my own band now. We still hang out quite a bit tho, great guys!
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Origins and Highlights of the Kill City Dragons, discuss that band, the
other members, where they are now?
 DANNY FURY: The Kill City Dragons were founded by Steve Von Saint and me. We convinced Dave Tregunna to join, and found Billy G. Band working at a bar in NY. This first line up was the best. We were like brothers for a couple of years, until Billy quit. I share a flat with Dave now and talk once in a while with Steve, who is a family man, now. Billy lives in the U.S., I think he’s doing alright now.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Were you pissed when Andy McCoy kinda stole Billy G. Bang away to form Shooting Gallery? 
DANNY FURY: I was gonna say no, but I guess I was a bit pissed. No, because I think we started to drift apart a bit, and that made it possible for Andy to steal him. It’s not so much THAT he did it, it’s more HOW he did it that was not so cool, but it’s water under the bridge now.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Didn’t Steve Von Saint do another band with Damian Cullen?
DANNY FURY: Yes Steve and Dave had a band with ‘Spider’ Damien Cullen. They were called the Endorfiends. Spider’s a good guy living in Finland and we plan on touring together one day.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What do you remember about Shooting Gallery?
DANNY FURY: They lived in LA at the time while i was trying another lineup with the dragons i only know a few stories Dave told me. 
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE:  Did you ever know Elka Brandt, Anita Chellemah, Rene Berg, or Terry
DANNY FURY: I knew all of them from saying hi in clubs and at parties. Terry mimed over my back beat in a video, don’t remember how that came about.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What did you think of the grebo scene-Bomb Party, Crazyhead, Doctor and
the Medics, Zodiac Mindwarp, the Cult, Four Horsemen, etc.?
DANNY FURY: I know Vom from the Medics-he plays in a very big German punk band called ‘Die Toten Hosen’ now, nice guy. Those bands were just a few of the whole scene to me.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What did you think about the NYC glam scene in the late eighties-were you a fan of Circus Of Power, NY Loose, the Throbs, Pillbox, Waldos, or D-Generation? 
DANNY FURY: Von Saint played with some guys from the Throbs and maybe Circus Of Power. No, I was not a fan. Good bands tho, but I’m more of a fan of the seventies NY glam scene, the Dolls, Lou Reed, etc.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Ever meet the guys from Guns N Roses?
DANNY FURY: Yes I was friendly with Steven Adler. I got his job playing in Vain and he was a real gentleman about it. He came to our show at the Whisky and invited me to his house in Beverly Hills for a few days. The last day I stayed there the big nineties earth quake hit L.A., and all his gold records came flying off the walls. I played at Slash’s wedding with Vain and we jammed together. Nice guy!
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What can you tell me about the Slum Lords-the band Billy G. Bang had with
the Cats N Boots guys?
DANNY FURY: I only know that Dave was in the Slum Lords.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: How did you end up joining Vain? Best Vain anecdotes…
DANNY FURY: Vain asked me to join after they heard that the Dragons split up. All great players and good guys. We were about to record the second album when i got real sick with mononucleosis. I nearly died and they wanted to go ahead and replace me, I thought fuck that and willed myself back into shape. They just recently complimented me on my playing on that album which I’m still very proud of. I reached a peak as a drummer in those days. 
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What contemporary artists have you appreciated in recent years? Jim Jones Revue? Primal Scream?
DANNY FURY: Yeah they are both very good bands. I don’t often listen to other bands music these days. I’m too busy playing, writing and recording my own stuff. But Vera Wild, my bassplayer, plays me new stuff, every now and then. There are some great bands out there.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Ever like the Manic St. Preachers?
DANNY FURY: Yes when they first came out. Good band! Don’t know what they are doing now.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Didn’t Stiv have a wife-whatever happened to her?
DANNY FURY: Yes, he did, don’t know what she’s doing now.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What did you think of Nicky Turner’s drum style? Where is Grant Fleming?
DANNY FURY: Nicky was very solid and power full! Not too technical, but he pounded a very good back beat to those great Lords songs.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Please discuss Wild At Heart…Mickey Howard?
DANNY FURY: Wild at Heart is my life now. Had a lot of difficulties getting it off the ground, but we’re working on what I think is going to be a fantastic album at the moment, on which we’re not only working with Mickey Howard, who is a fantastic guy, and a real great guitar player, with an amazing sense of humor, and real good producer, as well, but also, with Timo Kaltio and Dave Tregunna. Timo is best known for the songs he co-wrote for Guns N Roses, and the work he did on Izzy Stradlin’s solo albums. He also worked with Hanoi Rocks throughout their whole career.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What do you do for a living nowadays?
DANNY FURY: I live off my back-catalog.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What can you tell me about the protests in Great Britain, we only get bits and pieces in the American media…
DANNY FURY: It’s about the university fees getting higher all the time so that only well off people can send their kids there.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: I heard a rumor that Brian James and Dave Tregunna might be collaborating
with Dave Parsons from Sham 69 and the Wanderers?
DANNY FURY: That is wrong, Dave plays with Brian when he’s got a project and he’s also recorded a new album with Sham 69 and they’re doing a one off gig with the original line up.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE:  Can you tell me anything about Transystem V?
DANNY FURY: I could, but Dave prefers you ask him about it.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Did you ever hear the records released by Adam Becvare’s LNC?
DANNY FURY: No, I never met Adam.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What current musical projects do you have underway?
DANNY FURY: I’m working on our new album for Wild at Heart, something I proudly leave behind when my time’s over, and I also help out friends on the drums.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Does England have those Rapiscan porno-scanners in the airports, and do they feel up passengers, like they do in the U.S.? Is there a U.K. police-state equivalent to the Patriot Act, in effect?
DANNY FURY: The only one feeling me up at the moment is my girlfriend.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Current events, plans for the future?
DANNY FURY: I might gig and tour with some known bands but nothing’s confirmed, so I’d rather not say, just yet. But I’ll be mainly concentrating on building up Wild at Heart. That’s where my heart and head’s at these days.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What did I forget to ask you?
DANNY FURY: my bank account number for my fee.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: We would like to thank you again, Mister Fury, for all your contributions, and also for your so graciously indulging us, with so many questions. Best Wishes to you and Wild At Heart, from all of us here, at the Sugarbuzz Bar And Grill!