Angelic Upstarts “Solidarity” – Part II


 In war-crazed, police-state, Amerikkka, greed is the only accepted religion. The consolidated-media has blacked out the news on the ground at the Wall Street Occupation; the champagne drinking swells mocking the people from their balconies; and the police brutality, committed by white collared, police superviser, Bloomberg attack-dog, ignorant sadists, like Tony Baloney, who don’t seem to recognize that the very same share-holding banksters and Wall St. slave-owners, they so violently protect, are coming after their pensions, next. Big-media is masterful at misdirection, so TV is filled with gruesome images of a murdered Michael Jackson, and nonsensical, non-controversies like Chaz Bono’s dull appearance on “Dancing With The Stars”. Celebrities like Susan Sarandon, Rosanne Barre, Michael Moore, Danny Ray of Mad Juana, Michael Franti, Peter & Paul, and Mary-in spirit–Russel Simmons, Jeff Ward of Gunfire Dance, and rapper, Immmortal Technique, have all joined the Wall St. occupation. The United States now spends an incredible $3 billion each day for war and intelligence/surveillance, while 30 million Americans are jobless, since NAFTA and the Wall St. meltdown. Every state and city is firing public sector workers because of the bogus, shock-doctrine, insane push to privatize, ”budget crisis.” Cooking the books, ‘all a sham, funneling all the money into jails and weapons. Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is strategizing with the intelligence apparatus, big-media, and war profiteers, about how to shut-down the protests before they reach a tipping point. They arrested eight hundred peaceful protesters the second week, including children, he’s a rich Wall St. tycoon, himself-the fourth richest person in America, actually, so it’s no surprise that his white-shirt gestapo are “just following orders”. Try not to hate the police-state tools, they’re just trying to make ends meet, like you and I, how many jobs are available, anymore, outside of law enforcement, or as big pharma drug reps, or  as NSA/TSA Information-technology computer snitches? Strangely, people mourn the death of Steve Jobs, a fat cat C.E.O., who gladly sent U.S. jobs to China. Myself, I mourn the death of Steve Mach, the bassist of Pillbox and Skin N Bones, who was assasinated by police in Baltimore this weekend. The top one percent own as much wealth as the bottom fifty percent, in America. Quit making excuses for your oppressors and their nasty enforcers. It’s unbecoming.

Try talking to your middle-class, TV-watching, pals about the occupation, and you can feel them tuning you out, focusing back in on TMZ, or the Home-Shopping Network, or Rock Band video-game scores, dismissing all people’s movements for being supposedly “unfocused”, or “not having a clear message”. In fact, their collective message at Occupy Wall St. was crystal clear, clear as a bell: “We are the 99 percent, that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the top 1 percent.” They are still there, mostly young, protesting the lack of living wage jobs, and completely crooked, virtually unregulated, ongoing speculation of Wall Street, that caused the global financial meltdown. Liberals are abandoning Obama’s Wall St. controlled, Democratic war-party, in droves. Even middle of the road, if affable, Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, was surprised by how much of Congressman Ron Paul’s platform he agrees with, on “The Daily Show”. Noble patriot, Michael Moore, also seemed somewhat shocked to find so many We Are Change and Ron Paul supporters in attendance at Occupy Wall St. Nader is right when he suggests that libertarians and progressives need to form strategic partnerships, rallying around the real issues we all agree on, like abolishing the domestic spy apparatus, decriminalizing drugs, and reinstating the Fourth Amendment. Republican Ron Paul promises to abolish the TSA, decriminalize weed, end the wars, close the torture camps, and restore the Bill Of Rights. Meanwhile, fake Democrat, President Obama tells his black constituents to be quiet. Obama still calls Afghanistan a “good war”, ten years in. Obama is still occupying Iraq, bombing Libya, and targeting humans for assassination without trying them for any crime in a court of law. His apologists live in gated communities, because anyone who ever experiences the violent policing of the poor, by badged bullies in urban hell, knows damn well that this brute-force bullshit has been ordered from the top down. Your congressman go to dinner with lobbyists from the drone, jails, bombs, surveillance, and taser industries. You have no representation. Not really. Like George Carlin said, it’s a big club–and you ain’t in it, Jack-irregardless of your Kardashain/Trump/Hilton pretentions.

 The People are sick of wars, the war economy, the police state, the TSA, the NSA, deceptive consolidated media-rule, bail-outs, deficit-hawks, and the “chronic” injustice of the phony drug war. When you hear misguided college grads who used to be liberal, simple-mindedly parroting the MSM, about how the protests are just flakes and hippies, try not to resent them. These folks have been marinating in those Limbaugh lies all their lives. This is all bullshit they get from the plutocracy’s cable/talk radio mouth-pieces. I saw someone holding a sign that said, “If you don’t know what we’re talking about, turn off the news”. I don’t know how long it will take America’s cable TV class to recognize that the war-profiteers, and top 400, Forbes Magazine, shadow monarchs, and international crime families, who have destroyed their jobs, foreclosed on their homes, stolen their liberties, and squandered their children’s future, are not the God-annoited “haves”, but the evil, inhumane takers. We all need to wake up from this corporate-media spell, and oppose the pro-murder lobby. Human rights first, human rights now. Mojo Nixon sang, “I ain’t gonna piss in a cup, unless Nancy Reagan’s gonna drink it up”. Dr. Cornel West says not to be afraid to say “Revolution”, because the whole capitalist system is gamed by the elites, who own both parties, the Diebold voting-machines, Congress, the courts, the spy industry, the Facebook surveillance-grid, the jails, the media, the military, and the cops. Support indie-media, citizen-bloggers, Veterans For Peace, Code Pink, Occupy Wall St., and even the Oath-Keepers.


After being gagged regarding 9/11, AND having their pensions stolen by their stock-holders in a misguided attempt to save their dying industry, that’s already absorbing huge hits, from the war-economy, and the fascist TSA, AND after being frequently fondled and dangerously, recklessly, inhumanely, radiated by Bush Homeland Security profiteer, Michael Chertoff’s air-port thugs; 700 pilots flew into NYC, to protest against the corporate shyster executives betraying their union on Wall Street. Not a peep from the corporate media. Not a word. 700 uniformed pilots(!!!) who are peacefully picketing their airlines, is being ignored by the obsolete and Orwellian, consolidated-media. Instead, they merely emphasize Nancy Grace wardrobe malfunctions and unreality show sluts weddings, boob jobs, and diet- products. Finally, Lawrence O’Donnel, Thom Hartman, Keith Olbermann, and a few other big-wig TV guys have been cynically mentioning the Wall St. occupations, at long last, and some sleepy segments of society, who are usually sheltered from the real news, are finally getting some small bits of biased information leaked their way. How many of those F-10 X-L white truck driving, cow-flatulent, Midwesterners with obese children, carrying oversized backpacks full of electronics made in China, are going to cease eating cancer inducing, corporate-deathburgers, from Burger King, even if they find out about how the Wall St. neighborhood Burger King is refusing to serve peacefully dissenting activists at the media-demonized Wall St. occupation? Heck, I’ve even read accounts of punk bloggers being hassled by the over-funded domestic spies for merely printing rock’n'roll rants with an anti-war and social justice subtext. That’s outrageous. The obvious intention is to discourage righteous free speech advocates from posting any opinions about music or politics, contrary to the corporatist N.W.O. bullshit already being bullhorned all over the radio, tv, and slick magazines. How do these NSA goons live with themselves?? Surely, they all had relatives who fought or died for the Constitution. What of their own vows to defend it? Governor Jesse Ventua is calling for a boycott of the NFL, since the TSA has expanded their gropings and radiations to sports events. Many, many Americans refuse to fly.

 The Artist, Prince, has called attention to the chem-trail problem. So has 90′s slacker-chic, Beck. Charlie Sheen, Rosanne Barre, Rosie O’Donnal, Michael Moore and millions more, have endeavored to bring attention to the Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth campaign, that offers scientific evidence that it was an inside job. Meanwhile, some people just keep dumbly shopping at Target, listening to Lady Gaga, gossiping about the Kardashians. Pretending that their briefly inspirational, oil hawk, spy apparatus, corporate, bankster, shill, Obama, is any remote kind of liberal, or leftist, or progressive, or civil rights advocate, on any level. Name one thing that dude has done for black people, unions, immigrants, pot smokers, or poor people, since being elected to that ceremonial position. Nada. Nothing. Zip. He’s governed as a neo-con. Seamless continuity with BUSH! The hysterical racists of the Koch-funded tea-party call him “a bystander in the oval office”, but they should be jazzed: Gitmo’s still open, he extended FISA/Patriot Act, while his C.I.A. black- sites, Xe contracts, and pre-emptive invasions, have all multiplied(!!!!) since he supposedly, took the reigns from Cheney. Some still care to debate whether he’s a hostage, or willing participant, it matters not. He believes in endless war, occupations, unwarranted wiretaps, throwing whistle-blowers/the disadvantaged/non-violent marajuana enthusiasts in jail, in state executions, the Patriot Act, stadium and air-port molestations, Monsanto Frankenfoods, undeclared wars, zero accountability for war crimes and torture, extra-judicial targeted- assassinations, mass murder by drones; plus-the always unaccountable, fully militarized, violent, taser-crazy pigs, and all of his economic policies remain in the hands of his Goldman Sachs handlers, Geithner, Summers and Chicago Mayor, Rahm “Benjamin Netanyahu” Emmmanuel: Robin Hood In Reverse. Robbing from the poor and giving to the Pentagon, and other genocidal global elites.


Finally, the shamed newspapers and corporate media, have been forced to acknowledge that hundreds of thousands of young folks have been occupying Wall St., for nearly two weeks, so far, and these embedded con-artists are having a contest about whose editorials can be the most dismissive and vitriolic. How dare citizens protest the lawless robber-barons? How dare we question lawless police brutality? How dare we demand an end to the wars and renewed investment in jobs and education and infrastructure, here in the States? How dare those Transit Workers Union members, Steel-workers unions, Nurses, Teachers, and Pilots join the kids? The one-percent owned big-media keep insisting the military are defending our “freedom” by bombing brown-skinned civilians, and conducting homocidal night raids on family homes, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, and yet, whenever we peacefully protest, the cops storm in, beat everybody up, and arrest them. So what freedom are they talking about? The freedom to have our homes, bodies, papers and personal affects safe from government searches and seizure? No, that was stolen from us, under Cheney/Chertoff. Extended twice by Obama. Do we have the freedom to speak-out against Wall St. bail-outs, torture, war, and low wage jobs? Without getting maced or punched by Bloomberg’s finest? Uh…surf the youtube links below. Now, Pizza Hut and KFC are making bio-metrics a mandatory part of their workplace, so the corporate elite spy state can better keep track of us low wage workers. There’s been outrageous unemployment and underemployment, ever since NAFTA, thanks again, Bill and Hillary, Obama’s government hides the real statistics, but there’s hundreds of homeless beggars in plain view, everyday, all over our streets, getting frisked and patted down and hassled by cops. We got faux Democrats covering up war crimes. No accountability for the B.P./Halliburton ecocide in the Gulf. Big Ag, big oil, and big energy have captured all the regulatory industries.


Neo-con, Obama is still bombing the piss out of Libya-a third war, not counting all the secret JSOC op’s-in Yemen, Pakistan, etc., etc. While Obama gave away his peace prize, this year, his captive, PFC Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of leaking the embarrassing “Collateral Murder” video to Wiki-Leaks; and Julian Assange, have both been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Did Obama stand with the unions of Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and Michigan against the Koch funded shock doctrine attack on collective bargaining? No. Did he stand against Gov. Snyder of Florida drug testing all state worker’s and welfare recipients in his wife’s(!) clinics? No. Did he stand against the DHS and John Pistole’s TSA expanding the porno-screeners from the air-ports to universities and sporting events? No. Did he free Bradley Manning, or intervene on behalf of Troy Davis-the innocent black man railroaded and executed by cops in Georgia? No. Does he stand beside the Transit Workers Union, Air-line Pilots, and thousands more, from every walk of live, getting punched by cops in the park, “The Ninety Nine Percent”, America’s diverse mosaic, peacefully protesting, against the institutionalized and fully-sanctioned, white-collar, Wall Street criminality? Of course not. Those bankers own his entire administration. Half of his appointees were responsible for the crashed economy, the bail-outs, the “suck-up” theory. So why would any suburban establishment square ever assume I’d vote for a war monger, again? He stands with the oppressors, war profiteers, hedge-fund managers, and police state, against us common people. He broke every campaign promise-including the “you can take it to the bank” oath to end the criminal Bush/Cheney war in Iraq. Sad, but true. Now, he’s assassinating Americans he calls terrorists, without trial. We, the people, are the answer, the rebel alliance, the resistance to the bankster’s corporate dictatorship. We are unions, students, teachers, veterans, first responders, families, the unemployed and underemployed. We are all races, sexes and creeds. We are the majority. We are the 99 percent. And we will no longer be silent.

Mass-Movements are blossoming throughout the nation, even while the oligarchy’s media-monopolies stubbornly and predictably seek to ignore, disqualify, undermine, and hi-jack the protests, we are finally seeing the dwindling middle-class rise up, to take back the country from the sprawling “Top Secret America” spy-apparatus, which is now everywhere, and the top one percent oil barons and war profiteers, who’ve destroyed our economy, stolen our freedoms, lied us into wars, and what the heck are they spraying? The people demand an end to the wars-all six, seven, eight of them. The repeal of the Patriot-Act, and unwarranted wiretaps and TSA molestations. We demand the plutocracy break up the big five monopolies. Hold the torturers and Goldman Sachs executives accountable, overturn the Citizens United ruling allowing limitless, covert, campaign funding, ‎and cease torturing HUMAN BEINGS. Many citizens were shocked by the automaton/ robo-cop insensitivity towards civil rights on display, during the brutal Wall St. clampdowns of recent weeks. Eventually, some police officers will join the people. Soldiers are abandoning the military in droves, joining Veterans Against The Wars, and speaking out: against war-crimes, torture, the suicide epidemic that is one of Project Censored’s most covered-up stories, and opposing the crimes of the top one percent war profiteers.     The American Dream has been stolen from the world. Workers are told that they aren’t allowed health care, shelter, food. Students are told that they aren’t allowed jobs, and that they will be in debt for the rest of their lives, unable to declare bankruptcy. The 1% has destroyed this nation, and its values, through their greed. The 1% has stolen this world. We will not allow this to occur.

FINALLY the middle-class, and the rock’n'roll people, are steadily waking up, educating, and organizing, for true campaign-financing reform, getting money out of politics, restoring the Geneva Conentions and U.S. Constitution, and holding the predator-class accountable, for crimes against the commonwealth, and crimes against humanity. I was waiting around for you guys. Glad you could make it. My righteous sufferahs, fellow sugarbuzzers, ninety-nine percenters, the rock’n'roll people, I offer you this noble song by Angelic Upstarts, as inspiration, for surviving these dark times and government crimes. In unity and solidarity! A prayer for the people’s grassroots uprisings! If you like the Clash, Billy Bragg, or Sham 69, you’ll probably love Angelic Upstarts! OCCUPY WALL ST.! OCCUPY L.A.!

 You are the media. You are the story! We are the majority! The ninety-nine percent! 


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