Happy Halloween from SugarBuzz Magazine

Hey Shugsters! Did you miss me? With the new SugarBuzz format, the “What’s New” seems a bit redundant, but I still will post here just to say hey and inform you if the need occurs.

So it’s Halloween time again, and to celebrate we have just posted the brand new SugarBuzz Halloween 2011 podcast. It is an hour plus show with special scary host Creepy Creeper. Download it now for your holiday pleasure. Also to ring in the Halloween cheer, I have interviewed Thee Gravemen. It is a great read so don’t miss that!

All of us here at SugarBuzz Magazine want to wish you a Happy Halloween, and stay tuned, we have some AWESOME articles coming in the days ahead, including a few live reviews that really ROCK!

Keep coming back! Talk soon!! Love each and every one of you!

~ Lucky ~