Post Teens

Post Teens “Post Teens” 7 inch/Download EP
By Rich Cocksedge (SugarBuzz UK)

Blink and you’d miss it.  Well, apart from the fact that if you’re listening to this on the seven inch version, you’d have to flip it over for tracks four, five and six.  In fact, it’s pointless sitting down to listen to either side as you have to get back up almost immediately to turn it over again. 

Yes it’s short, with the six songs coming in at around six and a half minutes but it’s catchy as hell too which means you have to keep playing it over and over.  The answer is to have the downloaded version in addition to the vinyl which means you can listen to the whole ‘record’ in one hit. 

This is a rip roaring mini-feast of truly fuzzed up garage punk, mixed with the tiniest bits of melodic fury thrown in to make this a huge beast of a release.  With a production that does little more than coral the rambunctiousness of the band into a sound that is a pure joy to behold, Post Teens lay down the gauntlet to all and sundry with one of the best singles of 2011. 

From the opening track, “Bleached Heads”, right through to the final song, “We Don’t Like You”, it’s hard not to be impressed by what is offered up and also it’s nigh on impossible not to be totally enthused by the contents of this record.  I hear bits of Canada’s Brutal Knights in this along with a bit of GBH from their “No Survivors” era, and to be honest that is a damn fine combination in my book and is mighty fine music to my ears. 

This quartet, from Gainesville, FLA, should get back into the studio and record an album NOW!