Semi Precious Weapons and The Indians

Semi Precious Weapons and The Indians
The Roxy
The Sunset Strip
November 19, 2011
By Victoria Joyce
Photography by David Arnspiger

A free, all-ages show at the Roxy on the pre-Thanksgiving Saturday is enough to get anybody out of the house and away from their relatives. Headliners, Semi-Precious Weapons picked The Indians to open for them making this a drop-what-you’re-doing occasion. We are so there.

The Indians have been on our To-Do List for months now. Heading up this new band is the lovely and vivacious, star of stage, screen and Hulu, Joe Hursley. Loved him in The Ringers. Cousin and ex-Ringer, Patrick Hursley plays drums and we’ve got Mike and Michael playing guitars and keyboards. McGill and Hayes, respectively. Was that a Moog Synthesizer on stage? Yeah . Way trippy.

Hursley took the stage wearing a white leather-zebra screen printed fringe jacket with a Rough Riders hat, military hair cut and bold “bro-stache” giving the immediate impression of Teddy Roosevelt meets Iggy Pop. Yeah, start there.

Mr. Hursley brings a Karate-Elvis, high kicking, school of Mick Jagger energy to his performance for this pow-wow counterpointed with just a pinch of Pee Wee Herman mania. Joe’s perfect rock vocals are reminiscent of Steppenwolf’s John Kay. Get your motor running. Surrealistic lyrics coupled with leopard spandex pants topped with a king-sized tiger print sleeveless tee make magic.

The Indians sound is Punked-out Goth, Glammy-Mad Max Metal and solid Rock. Lush and full-bodied, making full use of the synthesizers and wicked guitars of Michael and Mike. Real Wall-of Sound stuff. Joe going back and forth, up and down, to and fro rotating guitar, keys and mic. Patrick’s sniper-fire drumming is sharp and on target. Break out song, “The Dream Store.”

Check out this beautiful short film of The Indians “Sink Into You” directed by J Albertson from their self-titled, debut album. Classy.

After of brief break and some burlesque, Semi-Precious Weapons took the stage and the place went nuts.

Semi-Precious, six-foot-something, lead singer Justin Traner is another fashion plate-saint that we venerate and adore. Nobody does the Post-Nuclear-David-Bowie/Margo-Channing-fasten-your-seat-belts-it’s-going-to-be-a-bumpy-night like JT. Grabbing his shock blonde white hair to fluff and keep perfect, he was a dead match for his raccoon eye make up image that literally wall-papered the club, including giveaway masks for the fans, paddle-balls and the strippers carried giant blow-up of Mr. Tranner. It’s all about the branding.

No, retract that. With SPW, it’s all about the Rock. Opening with “I Wish I Had A Drink So I Don’t Have To Think About You.” Perfect. The screams from the fans elicited the directive “Louder!” from the humble Tranner. Old school Glam glittered up with the chaos of Punk and blasted out like the Beatles at Shea Stadium. “Cherries on Ice, Ice, Ice” had a touch of Rap even.

Next day’s Facebook gave us this from Justin, “Last nights show was truly amazing. The fans stole the show. And playing “Drink” and “That’s My Friends” live for the first time was magical.

Break out song: “F*ck The Dance Floor” was a big, big finish but our favorite and signature song “I Can’t Pay My Rent But I’m F*ing Gorgeous” was sung by the fans.

Semi Precious also have an amazing video on YouTube by Steve Pyne of “F*ck The Dance Floor” … I’ll wear the rocks if you make it roll…

And – big announcement – SPW is slated to return to the Roxy for New Year’s Eve on a split bill with Warner Drive. We are not worthy.