Taquila Mockingbird

Taquila Mockingbird
Interview & Podcast
The Punk Rock Museum
By Victoria Joyce

What do you say to a six-foot something lady with birds egg blue eye shadow that matches her hair? You say “good afternoon Miss Mockingbird!” The Shug’s recent “What Are You Most Grateful For” story brought responses from the four corners of the Rock Universe. Lo and behold, we heard back from a local lady who rang our bell. And in our zip code!

Who knew we had a living legend, right here in the hood, who is building a Punk Rock Museum. We just had to know more. And we are Most Grateful for the opportunity.

Coffee at the old Oki Dog on the corner of Santa Monica and Vista in West Hollywood was the designated spot. Starwood much? Yeah, you know it. But now it’s a Fat Burger. Taquila Mockingbird, I presume. Want fries with that shake?

Listen to the raw and unedited podcast of our meeting and you will be delighted to know Taquila is dedicated to bringing together music, fashion, art and more from the late 70s thru the 80s of that particular group of artists, local and imported including the fans who thrived here in LA. Starting with her own personal collection of memorabilia, Ms. Mockingbird is reaching out to her friends and acquaintances for more. And the call is going out for any and all bands that are still together.

Born in Cleveland, daughter of a Coast Guard officer and fashion model the stunning Ms. T-Bird grew up all over the world before settling here to be a booker, journalist, musician, singer and and shaker-upper of all things Punk.

“We used to hide white people’s records under our beds,” with a giggle, Taquila told us of her conservative, Catholic upbringing. Ain’t we all be there?  We got a peek at her personal collection of flyers to be included in the exhibition. In words of one syllable: Wow.

Of course this is a living, breathing, modern museum, starting virtual and going global. Right now check out the Facebook page. It will be moving to downtown Los Angeles to 1646 N. Spring Street in January partnering with The Ghetto Gloss Gallery and then touring as a multimedia exhibition.

A seasoned vet of the art world as well, Ms. Mockingbird tells us the Smithsonian is interested. Wait, like your mean the Smithsonian, Smithsonian? Ooohhh. Wouldn’t Darby Crash get a laugh outta that. “This is for the kids! And we are ALL still kids!” 

Click HERE to download the interview. (We suggest you left click and select “save target as” for best results. Remember it is raw and unedited, like punk rock should be! Enjoy!)