Rockers Against Cancer

Rock Against Cancer Benefit – House of Blues Hollywood
Interview with Rob Sherriff
By Rock N’ Write

On December 6, 2011, the 1st Annual Rockers Against Cancer Benefit Show rocked the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. Bands such as Stonebreed, Octane Mob and Roy Z’s Serpents and Rainbows performed in support with Leatherwolf headlining the show. hosted the event to while rockers from all over So Cal came out for the noteworthy cause.

Brett Octane representing the Octane Mob states, “We are extremely honored to have been invited to play the 1st Annual Rockers Against Cancer Benefit Show! Being a part of an event like this is what life’s all about; helping others in need, your community, and making your world a better place to live, joining together and loving all people. The event was a huge success and all the bands rocked the house!! My father died from cancer just two years ago, so the event was emotional to say the least for me personally. We in a small way have done our best to put a dent in the fight against cancer.”

The American Cancer Society reported that in 2011 an estimated 1,596,670 new cases of cancer emerged in the US while the death rate stands at 571,950 this year alone.

Promoter and CEO of Hollywood Sherriff Productions, Rob Sherriff, tells Sugarbuzz what prompted him to put on a cancer benefit and gives us a glimpse into next year’s show.

How did the concept for this concert come about? 

The concept came about in October when my brother came down with Multiple Myeloma Cancer. My sister in 2004 came down with a rare form of eye cancer and had her left eye removed because of it. Cancer does not run in our family. I decide after my brother came down with cancer that it was time to raise more awareness about this awful disease and do a benefit show in honor of my brother and for everyone out there who has battled cancer or is still battling cancer. We also did a commercial for the show to help raise awareness with my good friend Kruzin Kenny who did a great job on helping me put the commercial together. You can watch it on Youtube by typing in 1st Annual Rockers Against Cancer Benefit Show when you get to Youtube:

How much money was raised? 

I partnered with the Cancer Research Foundation on this show. What we did was set up a donation page for the Cancer Research Foundation which is called People can go there and donate online. We set a goal of $10,000 and so far we’ve raised $2,368.00 which is 24% of our goal. The giving page as still open and people can still donate by going to: Here

The page will be open through next year which I am already in the planning stages for the 2nd Annual rockers Against Cancer Benefit Show. We were also raising money at the event for my brother as well to help with medical bills and such. We had items that were donated by various companies and individuals which we generously thank! For my brother, we were able to raise $800.00 the night of the show from different items that were auctioned off and some T-shirt sales from the show.

What can we expect for next year’s show?

Next year’s show we are planning something bigger and better of course. But the 1st Annual Rockers Against Cancer Benefit Show was great for the first show. Leatherwolf, Roy Z’s Serpents & Rainbows, Stonebreed, Octane Mob & Wardog was a great line up!

 All the bands did a fabulous job playing the show. Our host Diana Deville from did a great job as always (including) all the people that were involved and helped on the show.

Feel free to tell us anything else regarding the concert our readers should know about.

The 1st year’s show was great and will be always remembered. Next year’s 2nd  Annual Rockers Against Cancer Benefit Show will hopefully be just as good as the first one, but of course we hope that it gets bigger and bigger every year. So next year you can expect some major musical acts coming through and lots of special guests. And again thanks to all our sponsors on the show and all who helped make the 1st Annual Rockers Against Cancer Benefit Show a success. Keep up the fight and don’t give up. Let’s put an end to this awful disease called Cancer. See ya next year!! \m/ \m/