Queen and David Bowie – “Under Pressure”


“Love is all good people need and music sets the sick ones free…”
(-Andy Wood, Mother Love Bone)

“It’s possible that all that funding – nearly $8 trillion since 9/11 – especially the moneys that have gone into our various wars and conflicts, our secret drone campaigns and ‘black sites,’ our various forays into Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and other places may actually have made us less safe.” (-Chris Hellman)

“And as is to be expected when one maintains the most powerful – and expensive – military in world history, there are strong institutional pressures within the Pentagon for maintaining the status quo. Peace may be good for children and other living things, but it’s boring for generals – especially politically ambitious ones – and bad for bomb manufacturers. The longer U.S. troops stay in Iraq and ensure that country’s fidelity to U.S. policy, the more weapons the Iraqi government will buy from American companies. Indeed, Prime Minister Maliki just announced that Iraq would buy 38 F-16 fighters, taking billions of dollars away from food and shelter for poor Iraqis while boosting Lockheed Martin’s war chest. Add in the fact that Iraq is situated right next to Iran, the one oil-rich country in the region opposed to U.S. hegemony, and you’ve got a good recipe for indefinite occupation.
Of course, if Obama was as committed to withdrawing “all troops from Iraq” as he claims, all he would need to do is stick by the Bush-era agreement for troops to leave by December 31. Doing so would not only provide him cover from claims he is surrendering to the terrorists – hey, a Republican negotiated the deal – but it would fulfill a key campaign pledge and help soothe liberal anger over his escalation of Afghanistan and his illegal war in Libya.
Obama has no plans for a full withdrawal, though, as his hand-picked appointees make clear. You can almost hear him thinking: What are liberals going to do, vote Republican?
Echoing the top military brass, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates first noted earlier this year supposed Iraqi ‘interest in having a continuing presence” in Iraq. His successor, Leon Panetta, then told senators during his June confirmation hearing that he had “every confidence’ the Iraqi government would ask for such a U.S. presence beyond 2011.
Like clockwork, Iraqi leaders are set to ask for just that, withThe Washington Post reporting that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his allies have decided any request to extend the U.S. occupation will ‘not require signing a new accord.’ That means no messy parliamentary battles or referendums, where the popular anti-American sentiment would surface.
Ah, democracy.
The Obama administration is prepared to keep about 10,000 troops in Iraq, and their ‘non-combat’ tasks could include training, air defense, intelligence, reconnaissance and joint counter-terrorism missions. These are the same sort of operations that have left at least 56 U.S. soldiers dead since Obama announced the end of U.S. combat operations last August.
One thing is certain: U.S. officials who once claimed to be bringing democracy to Iraq couldn’t be more thrilled at the subversion of it. Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, alluded to that in a comment remarking on the Iraqis’ recent decision to open talks with the U.S. on an extended, rebranded occupation. ‘There are some very difficult political challenges, internal challenges associated with reaching this decision,’ he noted, said ‘challenges’ being the fact that the people the occupation is ostensibly being extended to protect don’t actually want the “protection” the U.S. government is offering.” (-Medea Benjamin and Charles Davis)

“When Reagan fired the nation’s air-traffic controllers over a pay-dispute, he aligned national and corporate power against union and labor power—and that was class warfare!
When the Wisconsin legislature recently stripped collective bargaining rights from public employees—teachers, firemen, etc.–and Governor Scott Walker called out the National Guard to quell the protests over the action—that was class warfare!
When school budgets are cut, but cuts in the taxes of owners of corporate jets are sustained—that is class warfare!
When Dr. Sue Rabbitt Roff, senior research fellow with the Dundee University Medical School in Scotland, writing for the UK’s most prestigious medical journal, suggests that youth can pay for their student debts of 20-30,000 pounds (32-48,000 dollars) by selling their spare kidneys to the wealthy who can pay for them and need them—what the hell is that but class warfare?” (-Gary Coseri; Dandelion Salad blog)

“With an unprecedented sum of wealth, tens of trillions of dollars, held within the top one-tenth of one percent of the U.S. population, we now have the most severe inequality of wealth in US history. Not even the robber barons of the Gilded Age were as greedy as the modern-day economic elite.
The overwhelming majority of the US population is unaware of the vast wealth at hand. An entire generation of unprecedented wealth creation has been concealed from 99 percent of the population for over 35 years. Having never personally experienced this wealth, the average American cannot comprehend what is possible if even a fraction of the money was used for the betterment of society.
Given modern technology and wealth, American citizens should not be living in poverty. The statistics demonstrate that we now live in a neo-feudal society. In comparison to the wealthiest one-tenth of one percent of the population, who are sitting on top of tens of trillions of dollars in wealth, we are essentially propagandized peasants.
The fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans are struggling to get by, while tens of trillions of dollars are consolidated within a small fraction of the population, is a crime against humanity.” (-David DeGraw; Amped Status/Alternet.org)

“Despite concrete promises and lofty rhetoric the Obama administration has built and extended border walls, massively increased the numbers of workplace audits and raids at firms suspected of hiring the undocumented. President Obama has declared that states like his home Illinois can no longer opt out of the so-called Secure Communities program, and must send fingerprints and identifying data on everybody they arrest to the feds to be checked against immigration databases. The First Black President has deported an all time high of more than 1 million immigrants since taking office in 2009, and tens of thousands on any given day more await similar fates in his vast, and often privatized, network of immigration prisons and jails.
Unlike black Americans, who can still get misty-eyed at the sight of Michelle Obama and her pretty kids walking across the White House lawn to the Marine helicopter, Latinos have a much harder time fooling themselves about the fundamental nature of the Obama presidency.”
(-Bruce Dixon; Common Dreams)

“Americans want the president to stand up for the middle class, for the working class of this country, and they want him to take on big money interests in a way that he has not done up to this point.” (-Senator Sanders)
“And for thirty years, they’ve kept the lid on the discontent. Dispossessed and alienated, the ‘underclass’ live in what is effectively occupied territory, occupied by a state that sees them as the enemy of all that is ‘decent’. Thus the common experience of poor, working class kids be they black or white is of the police as an occupying force and the state as indifferent, even hostile to their condition (eg, ‘welfare cheats’, ‘welfare scroungers’, ‘work shy’ et al).” (-William Bowles)
“Were there a serious political opposition party in this country it would be arguing for dismantling the shaky scaffolding of the neoliberal system before it crumbles and hurts even more people.” (-Tariq Ali)
“The final unraveling of Obamaism – at root, a kind of delirium, centered on a corporate-crafted, Great Black Hope – will be nowhere near complete until the hallucinogen is substantially purged from the psyche of its core constituency, Black America. Tentative moves by outfits like the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party to explore the possibility of a primary challenge to Obama are encouraging, to be sure. But Obama’s awesome power to neutralize and disfigure progressive politics in the United States owes its potency to the First Black President’s psychological hold on African Americans, historically the nation’s most Left constituency. As long as Obama’s very presence in the White House continues to mangle African American political perceptions, effectively neutering Blacks as a social force, the chances of a progressive revival are nil.
Therefore, probably the most important political developments of the late summer are taking place in Black America – some of them ‘on tour.’ Among activists, at least, Obama’s ‘Black Wall’ finally cracked with the Euro-American assault on Libya. It was the straw that broke the bonds between Obama and Black nationalists and leftists, who were forced to choose between icons: the heady symbolism of a Black President versus Mother Africa. Spurred by former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s ongoing ‘Eyewitness Libya’ tour, a distinctive, Black-led anti-war movement is emerging, one that is radical, anti-imperial and, specifically, anti-Obama.
On the mass level, the Black break with the president will be wrenchingly painful and drawn-out. Obama-ism, like other theatrical products, requires the suspension of disbelief, a willed, walling-off of reality. Had it not been so, the poseur from Illinois could never have caused the vast majority of African Americans – the group most suspicious of the workings of power – to conflate the fate of The Race with a center-right, corporate politician.
Having invested so much in the Obama persona – and endlessly reaffirmed that commitment in countless settings with fellow African Americans – it is inevitable that Black folks undergo the harshest ‘withdrawal’ experience imaginable. The realization that the dream was a chimera is one thing, but to awaken to a catastrophe in which the Great Black Hope is revealed as the Great Black Betrayer, is another magnitude of pain. It will be an ugly – and uneven – spectacle.
The unevenness is seen in the results of an ABC-Washington Post poll that shows only 54 percent of Blacks agree with Obama’s handling of the economy – down from 77 percent in previous polling – while 86 percent approve of his presidency, in general. (The survey was taken before the climax of the debt ceiling fiasco.) By any rational measure, Obama’s economic approval among Blacks – who were hardest hit by the Great Recession and have the most to lose from the Obama/Republican cuts – should be in the basement. However, a near even split among African Americans on any Obama-related question is highly significant.
The gap between Black general approval of Obama – which is both a function of the Black unity imperative and a reaction to raging racism on the white Right – and revulsion at the president’s economic agenda, will grow. However, it is not to be expected that a majority of Blacks will register a general rejection of Obama to pollsters (perceived as ‘white folks’), barring an unforeseen calamity. Which, in this age of accelerating decline and overlapping crises, may happen sooner than we think.” (-Glen Ford; Black Agenda Report)

“For ‘some’ reason I have been receiving more than a few ‘eye-rolling’ responses when I mention our theme for the month leading up to September 11- the tenth year. You and I know where the conscious but mostly subconscious eye-rolling and in some cases eye-aversion reactions come from. A very few bold ones are courageous enough to actually put this reaction into words. They ask ‘why can’t some people just let it go?’ They comment, ‘enough already with this 9/11 subject!’ Many of these same people are actually very outspoken and active in combating civil liberties related issues and abuses such as NSA Illegal Domestic Wiretapping, Rendition and Torture, FBI National Security Letters, TSA’s outrageous abuses …and the long list goes on. However, for ‘some’ reason they see ‘this 9/11 thing’ as a pointless nuisance, and wonder why some people don’t give up and keep bringing ‘it’ up. After all, the majority of these people consider 9/11 as ‘case closed,’ and a few regard it as a ‘cold case.’ I am not going to get into the ‘some’ reasons for this post; although, I have plenty to say on the subject. Instead, for the purpose of this piece, and for those audiences, I am going to answer the ‘whys.’ Why ‘some’ still question and seek answer(s) and accountability on 9/11.
Why 9/11? Because ‘they’ claim that’s what gives them the right to override our Constitution and all other laws guaranteeing our liberties and privacy.
Why 9/11? Because that’s what ‘they’ claim as justification for every one of our many wars.
Why 9/11? Because that’s what ‘they’ say is the reason for us having to be violated, humiliated, groped and fondled for the ‘privilege’ of travel.
Why 9/11? Because that’s when ‘they’ began the illegal eavesdropping of all our communications.
Why 9/11? Because that’s how ‘they’ legitimize excessive secrecy.
Why 9/11? Because that’s the excuse ‘they’ use to implement torture and severe human right violations and escape all liabilities.
Why 9/11? Because that’s the rationalization ‘they’ use to expand ‘their’ size and power.
Why 9/11? Because ‘they’ have successfully made it a means to justify many unjustifiable ends.
Why 9/11? Because that holds answers to many questions ‘they’ don’t want you to ask.
Why 9/11? Because that’s the question ‘they’ don’t want ever answered.
Why 9/11? Because maybe that is what ‘they’ really wanted.
Why 9/11? Because ‘they’ should not get away with it.
With all due respect to those who are still not satisfied with my answers to their ‘why’ question, we’ll be publishing articles, podcast interviews and investigative videos on 9/11 and related topics for the next few weeks…or maybe longer. We hope to have those friends as an open-minded and critical thinking audience during our 9/11 coverage here at Boiling Frogs Post.”(-Sibel Edmonds; Boiling Frogs Post)

“Most people think this is about our particular jobs, and what we would hope not to lose. In reality, it’s about the war that has been waged on the working-class man, and we’re drawing a line in the sand against corporate tyranny.” (– Bill Cassel, president CWA Local 13000, on Verizon strike)

“This is unacceptable from a company that is among the 10 wealthiest in America, that compensates the top five executives at a level of more than a quarter of a billion dollars over four years, that doesn’t pay any federal income tax and still gets a $1.3 billion tax rebate.” (– CWA Communications Director Candice Johnson)

“I’ve been a Verizon customer for decades. I know their CEO makes tens of millions of dollars, it’s a very profitable company. If they can successfully attack the CWA and other workers here, they can come after anybody.” (– Phll Koch, Maryland Institute College of Art)

“I believe in freedom!” (-Ian Astbury)


Those sun-burnt, home-improving, gym-members in the super-sized, white trucks, who ignore cross-walks, and cut you off, in traffic, just so they can be the first to get to the red light, like kids, lining-up for recess; the former athletes, who park, illegally, at the front-door, of all the stores. The steak-inhaling guys, who listen to hate-radio all day, and feel like Marlboro men, on their wrap-around sun decks? THOSE are the only people who believe any of that passe’ culture-war nonsense about President Obama being an anchor-baby supporting, homo-defending, Muslim, socialist, advocate for the poor. The rest of us surely understand, by now, that the new guy at the podium is reading from the exact same tele-prompter, as the last guy at the podium. Sure, they’ll make a big spectacle out of another election, and scare the immigrants, gays, and poor people with still more of those kooky, evangelical, globalist, Mitt Romney/Rick Perry/Palin/Bachmann-style, neo-con, endless war groupies, but in this day and age, the whole shebang is owned by the radical rightwing, top one-percent, and all those satellite-TV cowboys, with the big trucks, and the big sundecks, they’re gonna get screwed by the corporate elites, just like you and me. While they pretend they’re Christians, root for more military invasions-like it’s the Bengals game, and get teary-eyed, after half a fifth, from the re-runs of “Deadliest Catch”, when the old man dies. Even though I do my best to avoid these five o’clock, road-raging, cop-wannabe, Hooter’s customers, I still encounter armies of ‘em at the rural township parks, where their fat, blonde wives always wanna assure me their sand-box pissing, family pit bulls don’t bite, while the hubbys play softball, and flagrantly, drink open-containers of beer, with no fear of arrest, because they are the white-truck drivers. I also see ‘em at the over-priced, high-end, grocery stores, because, in spite of my intense poverty situation, I’ve been educating myself about actual nutrition-which involves cutting-out all boxed and processed foods, and seeking to eat organic, whenever possible, which is expensive. Donald Rumsfeld not only brought you indefinte detention, torture and rendition, he was also the slick-talker behind putting the poison, Aspartame, in all your food. All we hear about on the Penatgon’s propaganda channels is how poor people were looting, but most suburbanite white people are still blissfully unaware of who the true looters are-the plutocracy, the oligarchy, weapons manufaturers, mercenary security-contractors, and high-finance fat-cats.

Most Americans root for political parties like sports-teams: empty brands, whoever’s logo they like best. I got an associate who swears undying loyalty to the Dems-not to any specific, liberal ideals, or party principles, mind you, just the latest guy in the suit, still goin’ by the name brand. In my part of town, the police are swarming all over the place. They’re frisking white teens and Latino fathers, on every corner, like in that old Sean Penn movie, “Colors”. Looks like this fat, phony, evangelical, Rick Perry nutso, has been tapped by the global elite, to pose behind the podium, and preside over the surging world wars, and ongoing disintegration, and deindustrialization of our country, next election. He’s perfect for the job-he fits the suit, he’s like a Blow-hard Ken-doll. Bachmann’s a clown show, to distract people from, Ron Paul’s edit-the-Fed, anti-war, anti-interventionist, legalize pot, dismantle the TSA, Pro-CONSTITUTION campaigning. The big-media hates Paul, because his anti-war stance is “bad for business”, so even though he’s a conservative Presidential fore-runner, they keep ignoring him, not even mentioning his name, pumping for Perry, on every station. Chomsky calls it, “manufacturing consensus”.

To forestall a planned protest, Bay Area Rapid Transit turned off cellphone service, exactly like the Mubarek regime, (that Hillary Clinton refers to as “family friends”) in Egypt. We, Americans are so hated, worldwide, because of the enforced tyranny of international corporations and our military rulers, that the idea of immigrating even seems daunting, now. If you flee to England, the Fifty First State, you become the instantly despised, “Yank”. France? Can you speak French? Got a pass-port? The TSA is gonna violate your personal space, and feel you up, on your way outta Dodge, because police state profiteering billionaires, John Kerry and Michael Chertoff, said so. Creeping fascism and incarceration for profit have arrived, and every last musician, artist, patriot, citizen blogger, writer, union member, mod, rocker, hippie, and punk, must rise up together, and help to raise awareness, wake people from the big-media force-fed, two-party spell, vote third parties, organize your peers, and help activate people power, to stave off the evil, inhumane, bloody forces of totalitarianism, and globalism, and the rule of dark, depopulating, elitists. No joke, no hysteria, just the facts ma’am.

I’m tired of writing about this, but while growing up, I was best friends with these two brothers, who attended the same snooty suburban high school as me-one was older-my protector, one was younger-my protegee. Both were talented, natural-born guitarists, they awed me, it was effortless for them, but their rightwing, divorced, parents both had these pushy, obnoxious, step-partners, who collectively, emphasized discipline, wrestling, military service, and “assertive” dominance of others, discouraging the music and painting and poetry, always promoting and rewarding, the hunting and sports. Eventually, they were both banned from the bands, and brow beaten into joining the Marines, against my better judgement. The older one killed himself, after fighting the first Bush war. The younger one, who was always a sweetheart growing up, kinda transformed into a predator, a hustler, a user of friends, after his older bro’s suicide, and a helicopter accident in Iraq, that left him crippled. After the war, he got a “good job” at the Post Office, but after losing his wife, his house was foreclosed on, and he was busted for growing weed, in his basement, which he always insisted was for his pain. By the time I caught up with him, he was still singing the praises of Bill Hicks, and our teenage inspiration, David Lee “Live Life To The Fullest” Roth, but he had shifted, in his soul, he was no longer trustworthy, or kind. He became a “what’s in it for me” kinda guy. A dick. You know the type-only out for himself. Whenever I see all that disingenuous, “Coming Home”, feel-good, military propaganda, I always think about those two. In the decade since the Sept.11 attacks, the annual defense budget has more than doubled, to $700 billion, and annual defense industry profits have nearly quadrupled, approaching $25 billion last year. My neighbor, the Viet Nam vet, afflicted with P.T.S.D., shot two policemen after the war, did nine years in jail, he’s a sweetheart of a man, but clearly, still traumatized. My biker buddy and his brother, both have a history of domestic violence, back home, after turning eighteen, while already in the jungle of Viet Nam. The war-pigs turn these young, blue collar guys into killing machines, and now, torturers, and then, they’re supposed to come back, and be nice and compliant, and beg for minimum-wage, piss-test jobs in shoe stores. No wonder so many are killing themselves.


Even though I’ve endured needlessly malevolent, dumb shit from “locals only” music scenesters, and aged high school cliques, my whole life, I continue to advocate tribalism. Know your neighbors, stand by your friends. We got to stop depending on our slave masters, start gathering our own forces and sharing, and band together for a common purpose (freedom, survival) like we did when we were teenage punks, and cease the back-stabbing and small time competitions. I’m not a Lady Gaga fan. To me, she’s a hack Madonna-sub Pet Shop Boys, the revenge of Stacey Q, who cares. I guess it’s kool that she promotes sexual freedom, is pro gay, pro bi, cross-dressers, trannies, etc., Was it David Lee Roth who once said, it ain’t my business, what’s on your breath after midnight? There are still many, ugly, stunted, pockets of America, where dumb people are still openly hostile towards queer folk. Bigoted, intollerant, hate mongering, hotbeds of immigrant blaming, Koch funded, Palin fanatics. The cops stop and search anybody who stands out, or looks different. Wal-Mart pumps out DHS propaganda of, “See Something, Say Something”, encouraging uneducated, shopper-slaves to narc on one another. People in the midwest are so misinformed, conditioned to hate and fear, they all constantly act-out violently, they drive ignorantly, and vengefully, target anyone who’s not quite so repressed and conformist. In many places, long hair has resumed being a symbol of freedom, that angry, uptight, fascists find threatening. I remember growing up with a buncha Beavis n Butthead homophobes, who were these macho toughguys, who simply loved listening to macho metal-like, ahem, Queen and Judas Priest, while exchanging manly punches, and calling each other “fags”, before they wrestled each other on the floor. It was all very similar to that movie, “American Beauty”. Manicured lawns and tough guy camoflauge fatigues, supposedly masking every healthy, normal, hue and shade of varying human desire. Lame.

As far as I’m concerned, any consenting adults can get it on, alI day long, anyway they feel like, anytime, and good for them. You wanna have sex-it’s yo’ thang. You wanna get high? Smoke up. I say the Federal government needs to take it’s nose out of our bodies, lives, electronic communications, and bedrooms! I always appreciated Henry Rollins, but especially, when he suggested some of those shirtless, weight-lifting, skin-heads needed to go get a room. Ha! I am still profoundly discouraged by corporate media voices, like Rachel Maddow, who devotes so much coverage to faux “culture war” distractions, like “gays in the military”. I wholeheartedly agree with the late Bill Hicks-sage, comic, humanitarian, who insists that anyone dumb enough to join the military, kill, and die, for Bush oil, ought to be allowed to. After being passionately discouraged by anyone who ever loved them, or who values all human life as sacred. It’s tragic that poor people are still willing to go fight these imperial, rich man’s oil-wars. This is not an age where the willing killers should be celebrated and glorified. The We Won’t Fly TSA resistance, Courage To Resist, Veterans Against The War, Code Pink ladies, World Can’t Wait, War Is A Crime Dot Org activists, Rethink Afghanistan Dot Com, Defend Wisconsin union activists, the A.C.L.U., Michael Moore, Bradley Manning, Alan Grayson, Dr. Cornel West, Gore Vidal, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Glen Ford, Dick Gregory, Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill, the Answer Coalition….ALSO: the anti-war libertarians blacklisted by the big-media…like Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura…those folks deserve your support. I support the whistle-blowers, independent media, truth tellers, peace activists, political prisoners, and all the people on the picket-lines for peace, civil rights, human rights, and collective bargaining. THOSE are the ones protecting my freedom. Not the kill teams conducting night raids on family homes in Afghanistan and Libya. Sorry, Fascist Hawks. Murdering unarmed, impoverished, innocents is still immoral, evil, wrong. Jesus loved the poor.

Republicrat king-makers and war-industry strategists own the airwaves, and distract us with false divisions. If they can keep the Insane Clown Posse kids and Slim Shadys hating on gay people. If they can keep the hillbillies fearing black people, and hating on immigrants, etc., etc., we’re all that less likely to correctly identify our common oppressors: the media-monopolies, billionaires with the phony front groups, and the globalist hawks, who are actually responsible for killing the economy and manufacturing false justifications for their permanent war empires. As Freddy Mercury once sang, “Why don’t we give love one more chance???” ~R.I.P. SATOSHI SILVERS OF THE GOLDEN ARMS~