Holy Fever

Holy Fever “Holy Fever” 7”EP (Lifeline Records) 2012
By Rich Cocksedge (SugarBuzz UK)

The expectations of any group consisting of members of bands like American Nightmare, Suicide File, The Hope Conspiracy and The Explosion could be a continuation of the aggressive, primal approach of hardcore punk that they all dealt in to some degree.  However, Holy Fever does contain members of all those bands and despite the music has a gritty edge to it, one would not immediately link it to the output of any of those bands. 

This five piece deal in a rock and roll version of punk that has its roots back in the 1960’s but which also gives a nod to a more current punk sound as well – its main thrust is through big, chunky riffs though which are quite in your face.  Add to that the beautiful vocal interventions from Samantha Barbera to Dave Weinberg’s more earthy voice and then what you end up with is one hell of a three track single.

First up is “Rat’s Feet Over Broken Glass” which highlights how harmonies can fit so well into music as a tale of a dead relationship is told.  I found this song quite evocative and it made me look back to one of my own relationships which also went out with a whimper rather than a bang – sometimes you just tail off as opposed to things coming to an explosive end.

Next is “The Lincoln Brigade” which continues in the same musical vein, offering a catchiness that fits in well with the hard edged sound maintained through the aforementioned riffage.  Finally comes “All That’s Best of Dark and Bright” and the best is definitely saved until last with this four minute song that really shows what the band is capable of and here the band veers into something that sounds like a combination of Dischord bands with Weinberg’s voice sounding very much like Ian MacKaye.

This is the sort of single from which an album must come – it would be a shame to have this as a one-off piece of work.