The Marvelous Darlings

The Marvelous Darlings
“Single Life” CD (Deranged Records) 2011
By Rich Cocksedge (SugarBuzz UK) 

The Marvelous Darlings initially came to my attention due to the fact that the frontman is Ben Cook aka Young Governor, one of the guitarists in one of the most interesting bands around, Fucked Up.  My first experience of hearing the band was a download of the live album “Live at Gales” which although relatively poor on sound quality highlighted that this was a band that basically rocked and did so in a massively enjoyable way.

Having missed out on a number of 7” releases by the band I was pleased to see that Deranged Records had had the foresight to bring out a compilation album which featured all sixteen tracks from those earlier vinyl releases plus a handful of demos too: obviously I snapped one up.

Although it’s easy to label bands these days under one banner or even a combination of genres, the key thing about what The Marvelous Darlings do is that they just rock.  That really is the beauty of the band and should be all you need to know before you hit the internet or your local record shop in search of this beauty.  However, if you want some pointers as to what you might get if you shell out some hard earned cash?  Okay, but it’s not as if you can narrow down to one sound or one particular genre as The Marvelous Darlings take their cues from a number of places.  The starting point would be a foundation of garage rock infused with a healthy dose of power pop, featuring a brash guitar sound and strained vocal. However, there is an element of rock ‘n’ roll inherent in the work, as well as a deep vein of pure punk rock.  If you top this off with some pop sensibilities then the band has covered many bases in producing something that really doesn’t need deconstructing – it just needs listening to and enjoying.

Just like listening to Fucked Up, the music does have some depth to it and cannot be dismissed as a “racket” as there are clearly layers in place, both musically and vocally, which show that a lot of thought has gone into the songs although with something visceral at its core.

The Marvelous Darlings write some really infectious songs, many of which would go down well at a drunken soiree, encouraging much shuffling feet and singing along from those in attendance: I do love music that is easily combined with alcohol!  You cannot go wrong with “Teenage Targets”, “I Don’t Wanna Go To The Party”, “Galloway”, “I Want My Brand” and “Lagoons”, all of which are belters.

If you like rock in any form I’d urge you to check out this band and it might be easier to track this release out as opposed to the singles that came out previously: it is quite the compilation.