Rock Therapy

Rock Therapy, by The Reverend Wayne Coomers

January 31, 2012


9th Ward Marching Band: “sneakin’up the street” (Rhinestone)

This ain’t no standard marching band. A) They hail from New Orleans’ Ninth. B) They have sprung from the mind of the Mighty Quintron. C) Their new record leads with live parade covers of Blue Oyster Cult (“Burnin’ for You”) and Ozzy (“Crazy Train”). Don’t expect precision, desperate listener; expect pleasure! Overdisc are some studio recordings that are more than a shade sour-sounding—shoulda been an EP, but it’s still worth your time and money.

The Kaipirinas: “No Sweat!” b/w The Sin-Bads: “Nightmare” (Motorcity Special)

Since I received this split 45 free of ballyhoo and a visit to the Interwebs turned up nothing but a few images and a video or two, I am gonna assume from the label name that both these bands hail from Deee-troit. They sure sound like it. The Kairpirinas’ A-side is an ugly, dissonant, slide-scarred mess that I immediately played again, and again—they may be yet another two-piece, but this will never make the charts, folks, and hallelujah. The Sin-Bads are a little more conventional, angling back toward mid-Sixties garage, but their cut’s lovably tuff and also imminently replayable. Crucial fact: both clock it at just under two minutes. 

Creaturezoid: Straight to Video (no label)

“You are a slave to my magic,” lead roarer Alec Stanley bellows midway through, and, well, I guess I am. Before slapping on this, the Columbia, Missouri, metal kidz’ first EP, I’d seen them perform under the shelter of gazebo on a rainy Saturday in a public park with a handful of loyal fans, and at their record release party, where they invited seemingly everyone up on stage to slam, play, and sing with them. Their charm is that, in a genre that’s stultifyingly “serious,” self-conscious, and technophilic, these yobs are goofy, innocent, and (relatively) loose. They actually beckon one forward—rather than send one on his way, courtesy of a grim, hard, shiny musical boot. They have a ways to go if they intend to be fully in the metal ring; a good question is whether they should even want to be.

Ricky Rat: “Crossfire Summer” b/w “Saturday Night” (New Fortune)

The ol’ Trashbrats guitar slinger is back with an upbeat little single. Like most guitar slingers, he could use a boost in the vocal department, but how likely are you to find some straight-ahead, slightly autumnal rock and roll cut fresh to 45 these days? The only trace I hear of the man’s glam past is the not-so-jokey B-side, which stirs the blood a little more when it’s a survivor of the bar wars, not a pack of little Scots, doing the chanting.