MSG / White Lie

MSG/White Lie Review
By Rock N’ Write 
Photography by Scott Sanchez

Marquee 15 proved to be a place of worship on Feb. 24, 2012 with MSG’s Temple of Rock Tour. I’ve been to the Marquee a handful of times since its inception. Although the club is nestled somewhere in the hills of Corona (from OC Girlie Land it’s a trek), the drive is well worth it. In terms of national acts, it’s a no brainer.

My good friend Alan Eurotrash and I arrived around 9pm only to find the place slammed wall-to-wall with rockers. Well shit! There went the dinner plans; or so we thought. What appeared to be damnation with several never-ending minutes of noise emitted from a band I didn’t recognize turned to bliss when we scored a table that was almost front and center. YES!! Dinner and MSG…and I ain’t talking about the flavor enhancer. From that point forth, we were golden. And as our table karma would have it, I had the honor and privilege to sit next to the notorious Scott Sanchez, photographer to the rock gods.

The Mecca of Rockdome was well on it’s way the second White Lie hit the stage. Like MSG, I’ve only had the privilege of watching this band three times. For praying people, three is a good number. White Lie implode a relentless fury of notes, rhythms and vocals that blew the lid off the Marquee and sent it straight to Mars. In layman’s terms, White Lie was fucking awesome. The night was now set in overdrive and I couldn’t help but think ‘How the hell is this an opening act?’. From guitarist Kevin Reye’s mood setting licks to Tom McCrory’s dynamic vocals, brilliance resonated throughout the room. This band is certainly a crowd pleaser and that’s no white lie; it’s an understatement. They deserved a much longer set and left the crowd on such a high note, I assumed there would be some sort of “Hey we’ve got 5 more minutes for you guys!” But no such luck.

The energy was bouncing off the walls throughout the entire MSG show. Reuniting with Robin McAuley, guitar legend Michael Schenker released the aptly titled “Temple of Rock” on October 11, 2011. I’ve watched MSG perform at the Galaxy Theater and The Coach House, but I thought the Marquee 15 had it down best with sound and atmosphere. Michael Schenker laid in with the riffs, keeping the majority of the crowd on their feet with a non-stop, arena-sized applause. The crowd favorite was certainly UFO’s “Lights Out” complete with Schenker-style, superhero soloing. From ballads to classic rock anthems, MSG delivered note-for-note musical genius to a very responsive crowd. Does Rock N’ Write have any complaints about this particular show? Yes. I thoroughly missed hearing and watching the infamous Rev Jones on bass this time around. I missed that bright red signature Rev Jones bass, the two-handed over the neck tapping, and quite frankly the madness on stage that’s just not duplicatable. Oh well, next time right? And the show definitely went on. As a matter of fact, it went on and on with TWO encores. What an outstanding end an extraordinary night in rock. A special thanks goes to Alan Eurotrash and Joey Schultz for making Rock N’s night happen! 

Temple of Rock Tour 2012 continues into the end of March, so be sure to check out MSG’s tour schedule. Now get out and pray!