Interview with Oilid
By Marianne Behm (SugarBuzz Finland)

A.N.A.3.L. is a French metal band that was formed in 2002. Their music style is a clever mix of electro, traditional rock and powerful metal. The music fits well with the band skills and the singer can touch you with his soft vocals as well as he can surprise you with screams.

A.N.A.3.L. presents us “Re-v3rse”, their first album, produced by Tue Madsen (Sick of It All, Rob Halford…)

Now we’ll hear from Oilid more about A. N. A. 3. L.

Hey Oilid, how are you today?

-As usual, feel possessed by music; it’s the only thing that occupies my thoughts! I sleep and awake thinking about the magic of music.

Wow ! First of all I’d like to ask what’s the story of the band and how did you all get together?

-Well, the band started with me trying some new sounds at home, beginning to play guitars, bass, vocals and programming drums to make my new experimentations turn into some songs.
It was only a studio purpose thing, but then when I released the first demo; it was sold out within few weeks, so I decided to ask my friend Manu to play bass with me, then after different drummers, Vince is the one which stands in A.N.A.3.L. today. Playing live made us discover many different and cool people! Bands which became friends: Tamtrum, Punish Yourself and many others.

Is there any special meaning or significance behind the name of the band?

-Yeah, it’s an “A” name so we’re on top of names’ list!
More seriously, it’s the name of an angel drew from some occult book from my childhood.

You guys have a very heavy sound, who was/is your biggest influence?

-As for my drummer, it was Guns’n’Roses, me too! Manu is largely influenced by hardcore stuff. As for me, I love so many different bands that it would take me hours to mention them. If I had a choice to make, I’ll mention Metallica and Pink Floyd.

 What are your plans for the near future and are there any upcoming albums?

-Yeah I have a plan for the future album, and it would be special, I just mentioned it to Rock Hard Mag’s journalist and he found the idea very interesting, so I won’t tell no more

 Cool!  What do you like most: playing at big festivals or in clubs?

-I’ll speak only on my own but I prefer clubs. Fests are too impersonal, you do your job and you go home. Even if the crowd is more impressive on fests, at clubs, you take your time to do things right and meet people.

You mentioned earlier to me that you’re playing in some other bands too. Could you tell us a little bit about some of your other band projects?

-I joined “Temple of Nemesys” recently, they needed a guitarist and I needed to play ONLY guitars on live shows, it’s so much easier to focus on my guitar than playing it and singing at the same time! It’s such a pleasure to head bang and play! Temple of Nemesys will release their first record with me on fall 2012 “Warm up before Apocalypse”.

How do you communicate with your fans?

-I’ve always been close to my “fans” thanks to internet. My former MySpace page reached 1.200.000 views but My”shit”Space closed our page! Then FB appeared and MySpace died!

 About the band’s songwriting process; what is more important, the lyrics or the tune and what inspires you to write lyrics?

-Definitively the tune! It’s a universal language, words are not universal. Films inspire me most; I think I’ve watched all the interesting films in the world . Then comes the mood, when I feel bad, playing guitar is my only remedy. As for the lyrics I use automatic writing, which is the subconscious expressing itself directly.

 Wow, that’s interesting to hear. Do you guys spend a lot of time together outside of writing, recording and rehearsing too?

-Manu is my friend for more than 14 years and he’s now my neighbor. And each time we rehearse with Vince, we have a great time, but he lives far from us, that’s the price to pay to have the best drummer.

How old were you when you got your first guitar? Do you play any other instruments?

-Oh, I dreamed to possess a guitar when I understood around 13 that was the instrument which makes me feel odd. It was on Michael Jackson’s songs, AC/DC, but I didn’t know that the particular sound I like so much was guitar.
As I am from a poor family I had to wait until 17 to buy my first Jackson Kelly!
Today, I have a bass, a drum set, a piano, I’ll repeat myself but music is my only reason to live on this planet. Next step: get and learn the violin.

What do you do to relax in your free time? Do you have some fun hobbies?

-Apart from watching tons of films and tons of music, I sometimes play video games based on… music! And I read a lot about… bands biographies, lol!

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your band and music?

-Yeah I just released the album, CD quality on: http://soundcloud.com/ana3l
Hope you’ll enjoy!
Take care!

You too, thanks !