Piss N’ Blood

Piss N Blood
By Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood Gutterboy)

I don’t want to review this CD. I don’t even want to even listen to it. I am so in love with this band and their explosive cut throat raw festering open wound puss seeping kind of awesome live delivery, that if the CD sucks thanks to over productive polish, I will fucking hate the world and all who infest it’s mass. I will forever shroud the Shug with a cryptic password so no one will ever gaze upon its pages furthermore. I will just rot and die. Such has been my stance since receiving Piss N’ Blood’s full length entitled F.T.W. I’ve dodged inquires and confirmation requests, I’ve gone underground. Until fucking now Shugsters!

Maneuvered by rock and roll forces beyond my fucking control, I woke with a nasty and plugged in F.T.W. and let it rip. Pissed off and wanting to blow some steamy, I needed it good, and low and fucking behold, I got it!

F.T.W. isn’t weighed down by studio wizardry. F.T.W. isn’t over produced to the point of puke. Thank the Gods! F.T.W. is a full on punk rock erection of twelve cuts that really do capture the ferociousness of a live Piss N’ Blood show. You can feel Ron Anger spew venom in your face on every track. You get cut to the quick by Cam’s razor sharp guitar. It brings on Mike Betancourt’s bad ass rumble and Parker Johnston’s earth shattering plummet. It’s fucking incredible.

All the hits are here, which is pretty much every fucking song. Channeling ’77, DIY, The O.C., and not-so-politically-correct attitudes, I personally guarantee if you love punk, you will love F.T.W. If you love jumping up and down, getting your ass kicked, puking in the gutter, fucking in the backseat and then running around naked in the parking lot of your local watering hole, you will love Piss N’ Blood. Get chastised Shugsters.