Kim Fowley

(-by Geordie Pleathur)

Growing up, I read all these outrageous stories about womanizing, idol making, fantasy manifesting Svengali, Kim Fowley, and had a dark or negative impression of him, based mostly upon his tabloid reputation for being an always controversial Tinsel-Town flim-flam man, the enigmatic and indestructible, “Animal God Of The Streets”, and for his widely documented efforts to verbally toughen up his girl group, in the 70′s, but in recent years, thanks to the miracle of modern cyber-telecommunications, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering his amazingly stellar, brilliant, provocative, irrefutably genius original music, via Youtube, and I’ve since been on a private pilgrimage to procure any vintage Fowley albums I can find in local flea markets and record stores. He is one of the most under-rated lyricists/singer/visionaries of the psychedelic/glam eras. Honestly. If you’re not hip to his own original music, seek it out, on-line. His own work rivals much of Eno, Bolan, Hunter, Holder, Jobriath, or Bowie’s 70′s catalogs. His bubblegum street punk was always spectacularly entertaining, a rare, fine delicacy, like smart sixties underground comix, or purple microdot….Just start surfing Fowley links on Youtube, and find out for yourself. We’re thrilled he continues to defy diseases and detractors, and that he is touring the world with his partner in crime, Snow Mercy, playing experimental, improvised, theatrical, psychedelic rock music to packed houses, wherever there is a concentration of ultra-cool people. He remains one of the most vital and relevant artists of our time.

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Whatever became of Venus & The Razorblades?
KIM FOWLEY: They Broke Up.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE:What does David Lee Roth mean when he says, “He who knows how will always work for he who knows why?”
KIM FOWLEY: Double talk.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What do you think of Van Halen?
KIM FOWLEY: They sold product. Good records. Good onstage. Good videos. 
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: They had much in common thematically, with your band, you know the whole west coast burnout paradise teenage dream. 
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: When you wrote that sixties protest song about AMERICA being broken, could you even imagine indefinite detention, drone strikes, secret laws, assassination czars, warrantless wiretaps, TSA molestations, cancer-machines, chem-trails, GMO’s, Diebold voting boxes, the ruling that corporations are people, that money is free speech, and the suspension of the Bill Of Rights?
KIM FOWLEY: Yes I saw it all.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Where in the world would you relocate to if money was no object?
Kim Fowley: New Zealand.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Why didn’t HOLLYWOOD STARS blow up big? They seemed so fabulous. Where are they now?
KIM FOWLEY: They broke up. Mark Anthony died. Ruben is in Hollywood. I don’t know where anyone else is.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: You and Phil Spector collaborated a bit back in the day, have you spoken with him in recent years?
KIM FOWLEY: No, he owes me money.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: “International Heroes” is regarded as a cult fave among glam aficionados-reminds me of Mott The Hoople and Diamond Dogs-what do you recall about writing and recording that masterpiece? How was it received at the time? Did you get to appear on any big bills with that material?
KIM FOWLEY: I was hopeful. No one knew it existed. I never played one gig because of the album. Too much glam product out at the time.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: How did you first meet Stiv Bators?
KIM FOWLEY: At Rodney’s.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Didn’t you guys do some writing together? What do you remember about Stiv? Don’t you guys have a common associate in Mirra Linna?
KIM FOWLEY:  For a Bomp Records LP. Nice guy. It was Greg Shaw not ML.  
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Did you ever see Silverhead or Detective in the glitter years? What do you remember about working with Noddy Holder and Slade? What was your favorite musical era? You are so strongly associated with glam and psychedelia, but what musical movement did you most enjoy?
KIM FOWLEY:  Yes. Slade were easy to work with. The 1930′s. Beatle Mania.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Ever encounter the Manson Family, back in the day?
KIM FOWLEY:  The Spahn Ranch. Rodney B. & I went there to get copies of his album.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Which of your original albums are you proudest of?
KIM FOWLEY:  The new one’s on iTunes=”Now”/”666″. Plus Burning Bones…=”Grease”, I sing lead for that band.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Discuss your book, “LORD OF GARBAGE”…when and where will it be available? Where can fans buy the t-shirt?
KIM FOWLEY: Ask Kicks Books.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Is the Psychedelic Dogs a revolving line up, a Chuck Berry situation? Do you improvise songs live, or do musicians in different cities have a play list they learn? Do you still play any vintage orginals in your live sets, like “Underground Lady” or “Invasion Of The Polaroid People” or “Reincarnation” or “Visions Of Motorcycles” or “Back On The Road To Nowhere”? Why don’t you get more recognition for being a great songwriter, as well as being a stalwart hustler/survivor/pioneer of dreams, etc.? Are their any official or full-time Psychedelic Dogs, besides yourself? Why do the French seem to appreciate underground rocknroll so much more than the cable zombies of our Kardashianized Kulture?
KIM FOWLEY:  Yes, we improvise. All cities are never the same. No vintage originals are ever played. I will get recognition when I’m dead….3 to 5 years after my death day. Snow Mercy & I are the only consistent Dogs. French people are crazy…like KF & Snow Mercy. 
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What can you tell me about the Detroit band, THE PAYBACKS?
Kim Fowley: Wendy Case used to be called the female Kim Fowley with Noddy Holder’s voice.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Whatever happened to that band, the Substitutes?
KIM FOWLEY: Never heard of them….or do you mean the SF Band headed by Britt. If that is who your asking about, ask him.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Please tell all the people about Snow Mercy…
KIM FOWLEY: A Giant Baby Doll Version of Bettie Page. On a female Lou Reed vocal level.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Name some of the all-time most under-rated rocknrollers…did you ever see Hollywood band the Coma-Tones? Did you like Tex and the Horse Heads? Are you currently managing any up and coming artists?
KIM FOWLEY: Too long a list. No. Don’t know them. I don’t manage anybody.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: I know you’ve been creating experimental films for awhile now, where can they be seen?
KIM FOWLEY: On Youtube. Check out Kim Fowley’s Video Magic for various links & examples.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Did you ever eat at the Source restaurant or know James Baker alias Father Yod, a.k.a. YaHoWha? Were you a fan of his band, that sometimes featured Sky Saxon,  Ya Ho Wa 13?
KIM FOWLEY: No. Yes. No……..
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: I know you’ve done some broadcasting in recent years alongside Little Steven. Do I understand there’s A KF satellite radio show?
KIM FOWLEY: Yes. Sirius XM21. Check out their website “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” for on air times.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Did you ever meet Dennis Wilson, Timothy Leary, Sly Stone, Charles Bukowski, Art Kunkin, John Waters, or Jim Morrison?
KIM FOWLEY: Yes. Yes. No. No. Yes. Yes. Yes.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Did El Duce fall, or was he pushed?
KIM FOWLEY: Don’t know.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Nina Hagen, LaToya Jackson, and others say Michael Jackson was framed and murdered for his billion dollar songwriting catalog. What do you think?
KIM FOWLEY: Don’t know.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: I asked some friends if they had any questions and one wrote back: “(Can you) name names of the Hollywood celeb sleazebags who were paying to diddle the tender young punks in that Hollywood/Germs scene back in the 70′s! I think it’s already known that Paul Lynde was ‘around’ but there were certainly others!”
KIM FOWLEY: Don’t know.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Anything you regret not accomplishing, yet? Future goals? How are you feeling these days and what are some secrets to your longevity? How do you beat all the odds, every time, make comeback after comeback, and stay so young at heart?
KIM FOWLEY: No. None…other than to love Snow Mercy forever. Feel horrible. No secrets(follow Facebook). By being crazy. I’m a sunshine fool.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What did I forget to ask you, what else would you like to talk about?
KIM FOWLEY: Nothing.
SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: We here at Sugarbuzz wish you all the best. Thanks for all the rock’n'roll. Stay Kim, Stay Young.