The Gaggers

The Gaggers
Interview by Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood)

Buzzzzzzz…..We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you a public service announcement. Gagger sightings have been reported in your area. These snotty, vile degenerates, whom originally gestated in the back alleys of London England, are now running amok unchecked and un-vaccinated all over town. Lock your doors. Lock your windows, cause here come… The Gaggers!!!

Who are you, where are you from and where you going?



Are you angry, and if so, why?

T.G.- Yep, pretty much hate everybody. People in general are a waste of time.
B.S.- yeah the price of fucking drumsticks

Do you have a favorite perversion?

D.G.- stroking the tally wacker while being interviewed
T.G.- I quite enjoy a stiletto heel down the Jap’s eye.

Any political affiliations?

T.G.- No, don’t care about anything like that at all.
D.G.- huh?
B.S. – charles manson

Most influential bands past or present?

T.G.- Teenage Head, The Injections, Masshysteri, Invasionen and Rape Alarm.
D.G.- colon defence
B.S.- the vicious

How do you feel about old punk groups re-uniting and doing big money tours?

D.G.- it really rubs my rubarb
B.S.- i’ll tell you when i’m 70…
R.R.- its good for the younger generation to see the bands that they idolise but at the same time there are too many jumping on the band wagon

Do you design your own clothes? Are they just for the stage or are you 24/7 real deal?

D.G.- i make clothes, get clothes made for me. i also design clothes for stages but they never seem to be big enough.
B.S.- clothes are irrelavant to me
R.R.- yeah

What’s your earliest rock/punk memory?

D.G.- this interview…dude

What do you hate the most about the other Gaggers? What do you like most?

D.G.- i dont really pay attention… what was the question again?
T.G.- I mostly hate playing music with them because they make it sound like I can’t sing but I like how good they make me feel about myself, you know, when I’m low they make me feel high, like I can do anything at all.
B.S.- they are all fake
R.R.- farts, the gang like mentality

How many Gaggers 7” releases have been unleashed? They seem difficult to obtain. Any recommendations?

B.S.-The only single that has had my name on it is pyscho somatic and in my mind is the best to date
r.r.- 5 i think
T.G.- Yeah five and they all rule. Snoozers are losers.

Are there any plans for a tour soon?

D.G.- at some point in someones lifetime

Are there any cool webzines or in print mags in the UK or beyond we should check out?

T.G.- No, most everything here is pure shit. All commerical crap mags and lame zines.
D.G.- i dont know, what am I your paid fucking monkey?
R.R.- the big issue
B.S.- avon

Who does your ink?

D.G.- my mum does mine she has been tattooing since she was 15, she started tattooing sailors in the 70′s down by the docks in the west coast of england and got quite well known around London too. by the 80′s she was a real face about town and was one of the main tattooers! she did my first tattoo when i was 7. she is actually tattooing my forehead tomorro.
B.S.- giovanni concata
T.G.-I do it all myself.
R.R.- joey english at glorybound tattoos in antwerp

Do you guys have day jobs? If so, what?

T.G.- I’m a teacher in a school.
R.R.- slinging drinks
B.S.- drive around central london and get stressed out.

Where was the video for “Outta Your Mind” filmed?

D.G.- Is there a video for outta your mind???
B.S.- aint got nothing to do with me

The “Two Fingers Down My Throat” video seems to have been filmed in a bombed out toilet. Where was that? Is Busy Signal sitting on porcelain?

T.G.- That was shot in the toilet of our favourute fried chicken restaurant ‘Fowl Language’. We had to film it in a toilet because Busy Signal has cholitis so always needs to be near a toilet as he shits at least ten times a day. That’s why he plays drums – so he can sit down otherwise his instrument is a guitar. If you listen closely to some Gaggers recordings you can hear his arse ripping.
B.S.- i dont know much about the old drummer he optied out of the band to get a phd in o.a.p colon care, so your asking the wrong man buddy

Fill us in; is there a punk “scene” or “movement” happening in the UK? What clubs do the local punk bands play at?

D.G.- nah its all shit

Is punk still dangerous?

B.S.- if putting on eyeliner and using a hair dryer is dangerous then yeah
D.G.- fuck you bushy
R.R.- well come to the shows and find out

We suspect you guys are moonlighting in other groups as well. What can you tell us about Disco Lepers, The Seminals and The Blow-Outs? Are any of your alter-egos in those bands?

D.G.- never heard of any of those bands, i thought they were american?
B.S.- i play drums for the electric cocks

Tell us about the bands Ten O Sevens and The Hateful.

D.G.- i dont know much, seen em around, never heard there music tho
B.S.- my blood brother plays guitar in the ten o sevens

Have you guys heard of the punk band Piss N Blood from Orange County?

T.G.- Yes, we put their ‘F.T.W.’ album out on No Front Teeth Records.

What else should we know?

B.S.- jimmys at the eles head

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