Careers in Science

Careers in Science “Foreverwolf”
By Rich Cocksedge (SugarBuzz UK)

Toronto’s Careers in Science are here to slay all those that get in their way as they create a masterpiece of punk rock with the emphasis placed heavily on the words ‘PUNK’ and ‘ROCK’ in equal measures.This debut long player brings together a dozen tracks, half of which are re-recorded versions of songs on their first release, the “Whateverwolf” EP, and from start to finish this record delivers huge chunks of intense yet melodic punk rock that the four unassuming guys in the band should have no right to be able to achieve.

However they do, and from the opening riff of “Hardcore Nice Guy” I find it nigh on impossible to drag myself away from getting totally consumed by this record.  With lyrics that veer from serious to highly amusing, Careers in Science is a band with an obvious social awareness but also an equally big sense of humour.  Thus, this is not a band that will stand in front of you giving speeches on how to live your life – they’re more likely to enlist you in a variety of ridiculous endeavours surrounding video games, food eating contests and the like – but you will probably feel as if your senses have had a battering after hearing them.

Back to the music and songs like “Pity The Artist” and “ROCKETS!” provide evidence that there is variety within the twelve songs on Foreverwolf, with Dave Proctor’s vocal performance being rather impressive throughout.  It’s not just Proctor that makes this band work so well: Eric “Jedi” Bourque’s drumming is spot on whilst the guitar work of Callum McPhee is perfect with riffs and leads aplenty, with Matthew Winkler’s bass keeping proceedings thundering along nicely, forming a strong and cohesive backbone with Borque.

It’s impossible for me to pick out the best tracks on this record as they all have their individual merits but “Konami Code of Conduct” (which has moments reminiscent of The Descendents), “Holy Shit! Giant Spiders!” (what I now think of whenever finding any sized arachnid in my house) and “Patchwork Children” (this has a great chorus) are ones, that if pushed, I’d say need checking out first.

Does this review sound sycophantic?  Well, I don’t care to be honest – it’s really inspiring to hear something that sounds fresh, urgent and which is totally enjoyable and that’s how this record comes across to me.  Some people are saying that the debut OFF! album is the best long player of the year so far: I’d have to disagree and plump for Foreverwolf as Careers in Science are a new band without the pedigree that Keith Morris’ current outfit has; plus it’s just a better record!  Hopefully, it won’t be long before Careers in Science are garnering the attention they so thoroughly deserve.

Check this record out on Bandcamp and then buy it from the band – you won’t be disappointed.

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