Muncie Girls

Muncie Girls “Revolution Summer”
Specialist Subject Records (release date 10th Sept 2012)
By Rich Cocksedge (SugarBuzz UK)

Muncie Girls, hailing from Exeter, UK has basically come up with the formula for putting together the perfect record.  Well, for me that is the result of having listened to “Revolution Summer” for more times than I care to count.  On the bands debut EP, there were hints of greatness, most of which boiled down to the track “Phantom Limb” but here the band has managed to push things to a new level, one that I doubt even the most ardent fan could imagine they would reach.

Across the five tracks on this 12” / CDEP, there is an irrefutable charm that exudes from the trio both through the music which is more pop laced with punk than the other way round and also the lyrics along with their delivery.  That latter element is down to Lande Hekt, who also handles the bass duties and whose voice is perfect; there can be no argument about it as she has is able to display qualities of both strength and vulnerability within a performance of one song that is enthralling and enticing.

Musically, Hekt’s bass takes the tracks on a far from plodding trajectory which is more than ably supported by Dean McMullen’s immaculate approach on the guitar which adds riff after catchy riff to the songs, fleshing them out into what the final result is: perfection.  Behind these two sits Luke Ellis – it would be easy to miss his contributions to this release, but they are there to be heard, clear and precise, ensuring that nothing goes astray.

Each track is as strong, if not stronger, than its predecessor and it all culminates with “Railroad”, a song that contains everything needed to be the perfect pop song without becoming a track that in a few months one will be sick of hearing. The song writing is faultless and with big catchy choruses it’s hard to ignore this from the opening riff of “Feel It Soon”, through “Kasper and Randow” all the way to the closing track, the awesome “Railroad”.

I am finding it hard to praise this enough without coming across as a sycophant but from start to finish “Revolution Summer” has that something extra we all hope to hear in a release and which will take it into the realms of being referred to as a classic into the not too distant future.

Muncie Girls has firmly nailed its colours to the mast and in doing so the band has set a standard that will be difficult for others to compete with.  It would be right to say I am besotted with this band and having seen them live five times this  year is far from enough.