Stacey Wells ~ RockStar Reflections

Stacey Wells
RockStar Reflections
Sunset Strip Music Festival 2012
August 18, 2012
By Victoria Joyce

Renaissance Rocker Woman – Stacey Wells returned to the Sunset Strip Music Fest 2012 but she didn’t bring a guitar, not even an amp. RockStar Reflections returned to a bigger space for SSMF 2012, arriving at an address on the Sunset Strip usually filled with Exotic Cars. But the Royce’s rolled for the Rockers.

Stacey came back with her paintings. She loves to Rock but with a brush and a tube and on stretched canvas to boot. SugarBuzz Magazine attended Artist Wells’ pre-Fest kickoff party the night before they blocked off the street and pulled in the food trucks. It was so very, very. 

The oversized paintings – bigger than life, are bright, bold and banging unmistakable images that include Marilyn Manson (SSFM Headliner) Elton John and Slash among others. Lining the walls of the windowed showroom for the whole world to see, the gallery would serve as a VIP Lounge for official Fest Day – those lucky bastards. Stacey’s style is very Andy Warhol but with more edge and attitude. In the future, every one will be a rock star for 15 minutes. 

The show’s name “Reflections” comes from her series of paintings of wine bottles – with images and faces perfectly imposed on dark green glass in the classic shape. We got the skinny on this from Miss Stacey herself.  

Ms. Wells uses acrylics – giving her work that clean modern kick and takes inspiration directly from the photographs of the shows shooting on The Strip supplemented by the performances she attends. She paints in stereo. 

Who do you love Stacey? “These are the local LA musicians that inspired me to paint for this show – my favorite face, that darling drummer, Dave Plesh (Run Devil Run), Jackie Joyride (Run Devil Run), Danny Excess (Love & A 38), Domo Domorack (Love & A 38) and the photographers are: Jessica Pix, Genie Sanchez, DZR, Ashley Ann Caven, SomRic Castro, Mike Lawrence (Dori Lawence’s son).You can find them all on my friends list.”  Facebook, that is. 

Wells is fanatical about crediting her sources – she gets these faces from photos and the photos are taken by (see above). We met one of her muses, Jessica Pix at Rock Reflections party having a whale of a time. And those sweet honeys in Love and a .38 played an acoustic set at the party. We would have loved to hear that. Dang, we had to go. X was at the Roxy and The Mau Maus were at the Redwood. That’s the down side of festivals. It’s all too much and tough decisions have to be made. 

Other rockers spotted at Stacey’s show: Delta Rose, Future Villains, Diamond Lane, Reagan Browne and Serious Trixon. Like we said; very, very.


 (Jessica Pix) (Genie Sanchez)