Stars as Eyes

Stars as Eyes
“Important Youth Movement” 7″
TigerBeat6 Records 2001
By Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood)

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Apparently, you can’t judge a 45 by its sleeve either! Scouring through the seven inch bin at the local record store, I came upon a killer picture sleeve of some Asian punk rock ladies that I thought were gonna kick my ass every which way but loose with some hard core grindings. Man, I had a boner the whole way home salivating in anticipation of plundering paradise. I just couldn’t wait to drop the needle.

As I opened the door I raced straight-way to the turntable and proceeded to fire it up. Cranking the volume I stepped back and held my breath in anticipation of some slamming drums and tweaked out guitars. Maybe it was gonna be in the styling’s of punk77 or bands of the KBD heyday. Maybe it was gonna be some riled up sugar-sweet power pop. Maybe it was gonna be straight ahead rock or speed metal. Maybe I was wrong.

“Important Youth Movement” preludes with a two chord industrialized guitar, soon to be in enveloped with electronic tinkering of mechanical timeworks. Synthesized hypnotic frequencies project images in the mind. Almost soothing in a sleepy hush-a-bye sort of way. Emotional trigger stirs reaction, unable to escape unscathed, you will be thought provoked.

“People Kill People” is a soundscape saturated with sonic subtleties. It’s a shorter run than “Movement”, but no less effective. Noise masked as haphazard, perhaps intended to provoke agitation, succeeds.

Eyes as Stars was the brainchild of two guys named Steve Ferrari and Craig Four, rumored to have based operations out of Rhode Island. Can’t find much about them on the cloud. But it’s the music that matters.