Peter Blast “White Voodoo”

Peter Blast
“White Voodoo”
Review by Tristessa

I have heard Peter Blast music through and through for over 15 years and I have always liked his style.

I thought that his 2008 release of “A Plush Horse…with a Monkey on a String” was fantastic and that Mr. Blast may have hit his peak. The music was that good, and what a great title. But Peter has proved me wrong with his newest 2012 release of “PETER BLAST, WHITE VOODOO”!

I’ve come to realize that Peter Blast is a pure and true craftsman of song and melody. “PETER BLAST, WHITE VOODOO” will remind all of us that he’s a rocker, but that can change gears at any moment. This new release opens with “In This God Forsaken Place” with two  guitarists trading off note work and rhythms that are raw and loose but still melodic, and that’s before the vocals even begin. Peter conjures up some interesting story lines for each and every song on this CD. “Taiwanese” is one favorite that will surely be a classic rocker! There is even an added Re-Mix at the end of the CD where the middle section is completely different from the original mix. I can’t say which one I enjoy more.

Peter’s diversity takes us on a journey through his blood-line of blues, those deep rooted Chicago Blues influences. Peter’s Blues tune “The Devil’s Puppet” has been called one of the year’s best blues songs with its haunting vocals and Blast’s Chess Records guitar tones featuring great bottleneck guitar work by Rick Richards (Izzy Stradlin’s Ju Ju Hounds). By the end of this song, when I opened my eyes, I could have sworn I was listening to Derek & The Domino’s. Rick Price of The Georgia Satellites plays bass on this song, as well as Ian ‘Mac’ McLagan (Faces, Small Faces, The Rolling Stones), who then also goes on to perform an amazing Hammond B3 organ solo on “Ya Gotta Tell Me”, along with Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls, Michael Monroe) on bass.

Other stand-out cuts are the tex-mex rocker “Sleeping in a Bed of Thorns” with Rick Richards, Chip Znuff, and Dan Curry; and the radio friendly “Beware of the Night”. Also included in this collection is “On a Midnite Rail” which is an acoustic blues track, the beautifully orchestrated ballad “The Moon and The Stars”, “Blue Interiors”, and the powerhouse pop rocker “Paralyzed”. This is an essential Peter Blast release, and if this were the 70′s, WHITE VOODOO may have already been termed a legendary recording and would be sitting next to all your other all time favorites, but in 2012 it has 20 or 30 years of time to withstand before making such a claim; but in my mind it’s already there. This is Real Music for real people.

This CD is available now through Amazon & iTunes worldwide; so do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of “PETER BLAST, WHITE VOODOO” Today!

 (Editor’s Note) – I’d like to thank this mysterious sender from Mexico City for a fine review of a great CD ~ Lucky