Lucha VaVOOM

Lucha VaVoom
Mayan Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
By Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood)
Photography by Mila Reynaud

Many Angelinos that grew up in decades past got their earliest exposure to professional wrestling via KCOP and their weekly coverage direct from the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles.  I was one of those fortunate kids to watch all the action on my colossal 13 inch black and white television screen. Who can forget announcer Dick Lane and the wrestling superstars of the era? It was raw and rambunctious with no real glitz and glamour. I liked it just fine.

As time passed, entrepreneurs took wrestling to new heights. Polished big money extravaganzas that came off like superstar arena rock concerts were the faire. Commercialized calamities that included not only wrestling, but verbal altercations designed to promote upcoming pay-per-view events that were beyond the budget. I no liked it just fine.

But there was salvation, and it came from south of the border.  Mexican wrestling brought back the edgy raw rambunctious altercations I so longed. Mysterious masked marauders partook in maniacal melees. It didn’t even matter that the announcers spoke in Spanish, and that I didn’t understand a word, it was the wrestlers themselves that spoke to me through their freestyle, no holds barred mayhem. They call it Lucha Libre. I liked it just fine.

But now, wrestling has been taken to new astounding heights as the world has encountered Lucha VaVOOM bringing burlesque and hilarity along for the ride. Lucha VaVOOM is a mind fuck of Luchadores, Buxoticas, and comedians, all coming at you in a fast paced fury. You get equally riled, horny and humored all for the price of one admission. Astounding acrobatic assault, glorious colorful disguise, heartfelt chuckles create chaos and calamity.

Sensational star power has brought new heroes to the forefront, heroes with names like Dirty Sanchez, Chupacabra, El Bombero, Mas Super Estrellas, and Chilango. New fodder for mucho mas wet dream delights include Lola La Cereza, Bonita La Belle, Lux La Croix, and Leigh Acosta, but be careful, you may find yourself all hot and bothered and the object of your desires just may be a man.

Top it off with wise cracking masters of ceremony showcasing the likes of Marc Hickox, Tom Kenny, Patton Oswalt, and Dana Gould and you have a special blend of sex and violence with comic relief.

Lucha VaVOOM is coming back to the Mayan Theatre for two special Valentines shows on February 13th and 14th. Take along that special someone for a night you will never forget.

I like it just fine.