My Career as a Jerk / Color Me Obsessed

Circle Jerks- My Career as a Jerk- A Film by David Markey
Color Me Obsessed- A Film about the Replacements-Director Gorman Bechard
Zippity Duda (Sugarbuzz- Munchkin Land of the Dancing South African Hopping Dwarf Frogs)

Two completely different approaches for celebrating two uniquely distinct institutions in underground rock and roll.

The Mantra for all Replacements fans seems to be kinda brilliant, kinda dumb, kinda The Replacements. Argueably one the most revered self imploding rock and roll bands.  Bechard chose not to interview any of The Replacements or have any of their music used in the production. Instead, aging (yikes am I placed in that category) fans and associates share their best Mats stories, favourite songs, favourite LP’s with complete walkthroughs on each album. The Replacements were a band that did it first and didn’t give a flying fat ass fuck what others thought. Pioneers in a let’s get drunk and beat the shit out of each other on stage kind of way. The world needs another Beatles…nah mate… we need another Replacements to ground and guide us from the useless dribble from an 80 year old prostate called current pop (s)hits. Speaking, of Golden Shower of Hits….. 

Markeys-my Career as a Jerk is more of a straightforward approach to a documentary on the legendary Punk band. Plenty of early footage and interviews with Morris, Hetson, Lehrer, Liberty and Schloss. A complete history of the Jerks from beginning to the fizzled out end. Morris seems to be in every Punk documentary I have watched in the last five years. Either he is getting paid a lot of money or he just likes talking. Not that I would whinge about other or former members of The Circle Jerks but Morris was always the voice that cranked, cracked, and created a new generation of punks that did it harder, faster, drunker and meaner. From Black Flag to his current project OFF!  This documentary dissects, divulges and disseminates the true nature of these jerkin’ circumference spurt fest punk bratwurst rub and tugs.

Find it under your Christmas tree. Slamming around the Christmas tree an age old family tradition.