Bob Gruen and Stones Exhibit


Recently at NYC’s Broome Street Gallery, a private reception was held honoring BOB GRUEN, one of rock ‘n’ roll’s finest photographers. The man is pure genius with a camera and shoots pure gold.

Bob’s dozen or so Rolling Stones photos on display (all for sale!) were on display as part of a special band tribute that is on through Feb. 4th , 2013 as part of “Symbolic London Presents The Rolling Stones – 50 Years of Rocking the Art World; A Celebration of the Rolling Stones.” The gallery’s timing of the exhibit coincides with the bands’ 50th anniversary in the music world, and a recent Stones tour of NY/NJ.

At the gallery, also on display besides Bob’s fab photos, were Stones-related artwork by Stones member Ron Wood, a talented artist in his own right, and other artists such as Hubert Kretzschmar and John Pasche. During the evening, those in attendance milled around thoroughly appreciating the  wall talent on display,  listeningto the Stones music, as the gallery invitees chatted with each other and soaked up the rock ‘n’ roll interior art. Bob was there, talking with his fellow friends, signing copies of his books that the gallery had for sale, and posing occasionally for a photo.

Whether you were there as an art fan, photography fan, or Stones fan, there was much to admire and appreciate, and a pleasant evening was had by all.  Some of those in attendance during this special event were Jesse Malin, Handsome Dick Manitoba & Zoe Hansen, Jana Peri, Chuck Hancock,  Phoebe Legere, and various rock ‘n’ roll media folks, like yours truly, Cary Doll.
498 Broome St.,New York,NY10013/ Phone 212.682.4966