Nashville Pussy

Nashville Pussy, Lightnin’ Woodcock, Boost & The Lonely Drunks
The Viper Room
The Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, California
By Victoria Joyce
Photography by Mila Reynaud

What could be better than a brand new episode of “Justified?” Nashville Pussy at the Viper Room, that’s what.
On the first Friday of February, 2013, raunch was redefined. Southern Sleeze reached an all time low. Tonight, the music started out dirty and then got filthy.

Friday’s always a good time with the continuing residency of The Lonely Drunks Club. This home grown house band is headed up by skinny-as-a-rail, Christian Martucci (Chelsea Smiles). But tonight was special. With this “Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus” theme (Google it.) All the bands had this twang going on. The walls of the Viper Room virtually oozed booze, bibles, bar-b-que and broken down trucks. From followers of Elvis to ZZ Top – them good old boys and bitches showed up on the Sunset Strip for another Rebel Yell. As a self-professed Glam Rocker, I never felt so alone.

Not a rhinestone in sight. No glitter anywhere. Wall-to-wall ironic tee shirts and baseball hats. John Deere and Iron Crosses. Ripped, worn denim aplenty. No inch of skin un-tatted. A regular Shit-kickers Anonymous meeting. Songs were 100% gen-you-wine sex, drugs & rock and roll with the required guns, guts and God.

The opening band Boost, was a boot to the boot-tay!!  Headed up by lead singer Kalen Chase, with long Albino locks whipping around like he was one of Will Smith’s kids. KC was bookended by two amazing Asian ladies, the Okai sisters, Mayuko and Tsuzumi on lead and bass, formerly of The Binges. (Wait, they broke up?!) Kara Mucho played drums. Stunning and slamming. Metalesque with swaths of Punk and Pop. Japanese Fun Time meets Lemmy. Boost is LA-based but fit the Hillbilly Noir profile perfectly. Dark and lovely. Watch this space.

Middle band, Lightnin’ Woodcock thanked Boost for “poppin’ the cherry on this thing” and did the dirty that included “The Star Spangled Banner” ala Hendrix played with an oven mitt that segued nicely into a vicious cover of “Purple Haze.” An oven mitt? Yes, an oven mitt.

Songs from Woodcock Lightnin’ followed describing Jesus having sex with your mother which leads to a making a deal with Satan. I think we can all relate to that one.

It’s one of those Sweet Punk Love Stories: The crux of Nashville Pussy is the husband and wife team of Blaine Cartwright (vocals & rhythm guitar) and Ruyter Suys (lead guitar) and backed by Jeremy Thompson on drums with the haunting vixen, Bonnie Buitrago (not Karen Cuda as previously reported. Thanks to readers Brian and John V for keeping us in check!) on bass. Their set was a revelation in high speed, no holds-barred, get the f*ck out of here Rock and Roll.

We love bands that invent new hybrids; Nashville P’s get PsychoBilly and CowPunk in their column. Can’t you tell from the song titles from their set?

We left before the Lonely Drunks took the stage at midnight, much to our regret. We just couldn’t take it no more.

The next day, the Lonely Ds leader, Christian Martucci posted this on his FB page: “I want to say a special THANK YOU to The Lonely Drunks, to Omar Gusmao, Christian Anthony Martucci, Zak St. John, Carl Raether, Dusty Bo, Brandon Baumann, Joseph Holiday, Skye Vaughan-Jayne and that badass guitar player from Diamond Lane (please don’t hate me that I don’t know your name…pain killers) I loved it and I love you all!” And spent Super Bowl Sunday at Disneyland with his wife and daughter. Love this guy.

In the light of the noon day sun on Saturday morning, on the sidewalk outside the Viper, a hasty on-the-go interview with Sky Vaughn-Jayne (the other Chelsea Smile), “I’m so hung over. What a great show! I haven’t seen Nashville Pussy since high school. Such a great night.” Most def. One for the books.

Seriously, recommended viewing: “Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus” magnificent documentary about Rock and Roll and the South. Featuring the weirdest cameo in cinema by one David Johansen. Yeah, that David Johansen. And who among us hasn’t had a personality crisis?

Set List of Nashville Pussy performing at the Viper Room 2/1/13:

I’m So High
Wrong Side of a Gun
Going Down Swinging
She’s Got the Drugs
Ain’t Your Business
Speed Machine
Come On Come On
Hate & Whiskey
Sturtting Cock
I’m the Man
High as Hell
Go to Hell
Milk Cow Blues
Why Why Why
Goin’ Down
Go Mother Go