Brandy Row

Brandy Row
By Erin O’Brien (Erin O’Brien Management – NYC)

Hey Ho, Lets Go – Brandy Row!… on his way to take over NYC and the great beyond. I can assure you the first time you hear a Brandy Row tune with his gripping lyrics, and heart felt guitar chords you will get it, as the first time I did when I heard his song “Dirty Street” – “because I truly believe if you’re lost you can be found….” and Brandy Row has been found!!!!

Having worked and lived through the LES/NYC thriving music scene for the past 20 years, I can honestly say I have not heard of a singer/songwriter like this ever, and sometimes I think I have seen it all!

Brandy Row hails from Central London, he is from the streets, this is no sugar coated hipster shit, this is real, raw, radical rock n roll. Through Brandy’s lyrics you feel the emotion and the everyday struggle we all can relate to in life, love and sense of who we are.

You get a sense of London colliding into NYC with music notes crashing everywhere. His musical influences are Johnny Thunders, The Dead Boys, Stiv Bators, Billy Bragg and Joe Strummer. Brandy Row takes his melodies to a much different level… a place where punk, rock and folk explode into a sound of hi-energy and a force not to be reckoned with.

Brandy Row has a few other amazing projects on the side… one being Brandy Row and The Troubadours – where he leads a 10 piece punk-folk band that resembles more the Clash, The Specials, The Heartbreakers and The Pogues. The band is a melting pot of backgrounds and genders, but it is Brandy’s leadership that leads them into the light.

“Dirty Street”/ Brandy Row & The Troubadours (Video) -

Brandy also plays in a 1977 style punk band called The Gaggers where he is on vocals and guitar. They re-ignite that feeling of early razor sharp vocals and hardcore instruments that get us going in the 1977 type punk way.

This past January 2013, Brandy had his first NYC Tour, introducing his solo project to the L.E.S and Brooklyn’s musical audience.
We welcomed him with huge open arms and I can honestly say so many people were very taken away with his charisma and raw energy on stage… especially the group of established NYC musicians who joined him on stage almost every night he played here ( Joff Wilson of The Bowery Boys, the great Danny Ray on Saxophone, Ali McMordie on Bass from Stiff Little Fingers, the hardest working drummer in NYC, Jeanne Carno Rosenburg, the ever rockin Walter Steding on electric violin and the beautiful Louisa Bradshaw of The Bebe Buell Band on backup vocals.

His newest track “Crazy World” gives us that sense of heartache, and pain we deeply feel when we know how strong love is, and can’t let it slip away without a fight……………

“as soon as my feet touch the ground
i get turned upside down
she told me we were an eternal flame
resilient to the hostile rain
well a lie is a lie
but i told the truth
lovesick acknowledgment is our proof
that the crystal balls shattered like faith
that were the very foundations to solidified our fate
it’s a crazy world
nobody’s getting out of here alive………….”

“Crazy World” (link to track) -

Brandy Row is the next face of rock n roll, the way we can all relate to. Whether you are into Indie, Punk, Pop, Folk, or straight up Rock n Roll, have a listen to the music of Brandy Row, I can promise you this old soul in a young talented body will touch you in a way that should be illegal!

Brandy will be playing at The Bowery Electric -327 Bowery at 2nd St NYC on April 22nd at 8pm alongside NYC Legends Joff Wilson, Danny Ray, Alison Gordy, Louisa Bradshaw, NY Junk and Purple Pam & The Flesh Eaters.

Brandy Row is currently recording in London-Town!

Erin O’Brien
Erin O’ Management – NYC