The Fabulous Miss Wendy

The Fabulous Miss Wendy The Fabulous Miss Wendy
Interview by Victoria Joyce (SugarBuzz West Hollywood)
Photography by Mila Reynaud

Dang! We were totally out of town when The Fabulous Miss Wendy (aka Wendy Jacobsen) did her birthday show at the Viper Room on April 15th. So what to do? Facetime? IM? How about an old fashioned phone call? Done.

SugarBuzz: We are so bummed we missed the Viper show. How was it?

Miss Wendy: Great! IThe Fabulous Miss Wendyt was the kick off for Femme Fest. Really great female energy.

SugarBuzz: But what about the old saw Rock and Roll is a man’s game? Is that changing?

Miss Wendy: Absolutely! Like they used to say you’d never see more snowboarders than skiers on the mountains. It’s totally changing.

SugarBuzz: We saw that at the last Sunset Strip Music Fest. More women.

Miss Wendy: Totally. One of the guys at the Guitar Center told me that more little girls are buying guitars than little boys.

SugarBuzz: Really? No kidding. Which one? The Guitar Center on the Sunset Strip?

Miss Wendy: Yeah. One of the guys there just told me that, out of nowhere.

SugarBuzz: Do you play any other instruments? Besides the guitar?

Miss Wendy: I play a little bit of everything and writing songs as far back as I can remember.

SugarBuzz: So you started out writing little jump rope songs?

MissThe Fabulous Miss Wendy Wendy: When I was little, I found a book about writing song parodies, about song structures, verses and choruses. And I was so isolated, I just started writing and writing. I read every book about music. I thought everyone did that, played guitar and wrote songs.

SugarBuzz: We saw a recent list of what’s wrong with music today and high on the list was the lack of formal study.

Miss Wendy: Seriously. The study of music and its psychology is so powerful. They use sounds to break through mountains. It’s the most powerful force on earth. Before you can break the rules you have to know the rules. And it’s sad that the record labels have done away with Artist Development.

SugarBuzz: Who are some of your songwriting heroes?

Miss Wendy: My big brother, Brian got me into Rock, listening to Grunge, Punk, Oingo Boingo, Jane’s Addiction.

SugarBuzz: Who is your favorite band?

Miss Wendy: Mindless Self Indulgence.

SugarBuzz: What kind of music did you listen to as a child? Any show tunes, Stephen Foster or Cole Porter?

MissThe Fabulous Miss Wendy Wendy: I never listened to any Broadway tunes or Standards but my parents had a friend who had a theater downtown and we’d get tickets. So I saw all those musicals like Guys and Dolls. Without knowing it I was infused with that stuff. We’d go all the time. And we’d always go to Temple and celebrated Shabbat. I loved that music. I’d hear songs on the radio and pick out the songs on the guitar.

SugarBuzz: So you have what is called a “Natural Ear?”

Miss Wendy: Oh yes. I was in Music Class very early on. Took the Clarinet in the 4th Grade and was 3rd chair then 1st chair. I was in Chorus too but didn’t like those cheesy songs. So I talked and talked until the teacher threw me out. I’m a pain in the ass about good music. A great song has to be worthwhile. Solid music education is key. And seeking out mentors, people that know more than you do.

SugarBuzz: What about fashion? Do you put together a special look for your performances? Hair? Make up?

Miss Wendy: I don’t want to give too much away. There’s a lot of jiggling, clothes being ripped off and a lot of glitter. And guitar solos.

SugarBuzz: Who are your guitar heroes?

Miss WendyThe Fabulous Miss Wendy: Slash. And I love Jeff Beck. I love his shred. The guitar is an extension of the human voice. I feel possessed by it.

SugarBuzz: Tell us about your back up band.

Miss Wendy: I have awesome people – different ones for local and touring and out of town. Sara_Rae is backing me up and she is also opening on the Femme Fest Tour. She is a great musician. We’ve been friends since high school. She was my first guitar student.

SugarBuzz: Who else is on the FF Tour?

Miss Wendy: Sara Rae and Hear Kitty Kitty and Mahi Gato.

SugarBuzz: How was the Viper Room show?

Miss Wendy: The sound is great. The people are great. Photographers can really get great shots there, it’s such an intimate venue. At bigger venues you’re just too far away.

SugarBuzz: What else is going on with you?

Miss Wendy: I have a new record coming out! In 19 days! Produced by the great Kim Fowley, “No One Can Stop Me” on Not Dead Yet Records.

SugarBuzz: How was it working withThe Fabulous Miss Wendy Kim Fowley?

Miss Wendy: GREAT! We’d done a lot of studio work together and he put me in some of his movies. Then I did Kickstarter and said “Let’s make a record!” You’ve seen the Runaway’s movie – his character – they had to de-exaggerate his character.

SugarBuzz: When will you play LA again?

Miss Wendy: We play once or twice a year. Or maybe a secret show.

SugarBuzz: So you’ll call us for that?

Miss Wendy: Oh yeah.