Adrian H & The Wounds

Adrian HAdrian H & The Wounds and Level Seven
Bar Sinister at Boardner’s
Hollywood, California
By Victoria Joyce
Photography by Mila Reynaud

We’re calling it No-chella Weekend in LA. Parking was a lot easier ‘cuz so many people  headed for the desert for the big used-to-be Hipster Indie Adrian HFestival. Sorry, Goldenvoice, no Oingo Boingo reunion? We’re staying in town, thank you.

Another good reason to stay in town is one of fave-rave bands in the WORLD is coming to town from too-cool-for-school Portland –  Adrian H and The Wounds and playing at Bar Sinister. Forgot how much we loved this club run by Tricia La Belle celebrating 15 years of dark spooky fun. Great people. Fantastic outfits. Gorgeous make up. Terrific bands. Mesh and lace. Let’s stop the world.

Bands play in the rear outdoor patio under a canopy with a big fountain in the center filled with a small mountain of white candles, Yeah, you can smoke here. We are so there.

Opener tonight is the local band; Level 7. Nice stuff. A Punky Goth delivery with deep rumblings of DePeche. Sweet and lively bleach blonde lead singer in black vinyl pants and a muffin top. Backed up by bass, guitar and drums, she is all over the stage doing her best Iggy. Lots of energy, nice riffs and hooks. Final song was a Led Zeppelin cover. Can’t remember which.

Just after midnight Adrian H and the Wounds took the stage after much fiddling with computers and iPhones hooked up to Mr. H’sAdrian H keyboard. Tricky stuff. Very dapper in a suit and vest, the gorgeous Adrian could easily be the Love Child of John Lennon and Elvira. Top that with a gravelly voice ala Tom Waits and an athletic approach to his instrument make a powerful and compelling performance.

Adrian attacks the ivories like a motorcycle on the Autobahn with wild abandon counter-punched with swirling rhythms and buzzing guitars shot through with machine gun drumming from his excellent band mates.

AH’s signature cover of “Chim-Chiminey” must have Walt Disney spinning in his cryogenic chamber. We love his “Cookies and Cocaine” and “That Hurts.” Songwriting is vicious, dark, smoky and worldly bringing a welcome sophistication and earthiness. Very Bertolt Brecht.

Adrian H & the Wounds released their second album last year on Projekt Records and is available on line. Highly recommended.

We got to chat with Adrian backstage for a bit.

Listen to that here. (left click to play, right click to save)

Adrian H

Wounded Bass