The Lovesores


(…..Geordie Pleathur On Listening To The Lovesores, In The Black Shadows Of NDAA, Monsanto, CISPA and Martial Law, While Mourning Chrissy Amphlett and Even Richie Havens On Another Melancholy Day In The United States Of Amnesia….R.I.P.)

“The towers are gone now, reduced to bloody rubble, along with all hopes for Peace in Our Time, in the United States or any other country. MakeGirl-with-a-Balloon-by-Banksy no mistake about it: We are At War now — with somebody — and we will stay At War with that mysterious Enemy for the rest of our lives.”(-Hunter S Thompson on the 9/11 attacks)

“From Patriot, to NDAA and drones, the war is on YOU.”(-Mike Maharrey, Tenth Amendment Center)
“The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. It’s people who follow orders that drop bombs and massacre villages.”(-Banksy)

“When I visited the regions of families of the drones’ victims, I was faced with a question that was asked by everyone in those areas: why are Americans killing us? What did we do to them? We live in hell hearing the rumble of drones. Our children live under severe psychological stress. I found myself for the first time unable to answer their questions, and I, too, found myself asking, why are Americans killing us?” (-Abdulrahman Ali Barman, attorney with the Yemeni human rights organization HOOD.)

“My take after the arrest Miranda Rightsof the surviving Boston marathon bombing suspect is that the word ‘terrorism’ is the new buzz word to replace ‘communism.’ These are words used to condition us into fear response, making us willing to accept an arrest of someone without reading their Miranda rights. It will be interesting to see if this suspect will be tried as a criminal or a terrorist. If he is tried as a terrorist then there are things our government does not want us to know about this tragedy.”(-Mamie Van Doren)

“The one thing that did surprise me is [Obama's] attack on civil liberties. They go well beyond anything I would have anticipated…”(- Noam Chomsky )

“I am Malalai Joya, women’s rights and anti-war activist from Afghanistan. I strongly support Bradley Manning, who, by exposing Broken Peacethe crimes and wrong-doings of the US government, informed the world about the brutalities and inhuman acts of US army in my country which is suffering under US/NATO occupation and my people are being tortured and killed under a fake banner of “war on terror”. I am inspired by Manning and other great anti-war soldiers, who represent the shining face of America.

In a just society, brave people like Manning should be celebrated while those setting in the White House, Pentagon and Wall Street should be punished for their war-mongering policies and killing of innocent people around the world for their sinister personal gains.”(-Malalai Joya)

“The baby teeth of Peace are coming in. All day, all night Peace cries; can’t get no relief. Peace knows it’s changing. Peace knows the whole world is changing, while Hate remains the same. So Peace keeps teething on full moons and Dylan’s guitar pics. Waiting for that day when all its teeth come in, so it can fully singPaparazzi & shine.”(-Rich Ferguson)

“What a week. I feel like such an outsider sometimes, simultaneously cheering the good work of the police, ruminating on questions of proportionate response (esp now with best outcome possible – no more deaths – they did do good work). Really sick about US hypocrisy, US media frenzy, media playing its own role in spurring our madness (why aren’t we sick over Pakistani children being blown apart by our drone bombs? Where is our grief for those children, those families? Why don’t they matter to us? And why don’t we see that when we blow up innocent civilians in other nations, and start wars that kill millions based on outright lies and no integrity at all, we only make ourselves less and less safe?).

And finally, people who claim to be “patriots” shouting for this sick young man’s assassination, and the authorities electing to NOT read this boy his Miranda rights. Which could mean, we now see the NDAA in action. (Lindsey Graham is certainly pushing for it). AndI quit it is a slippery slope from there.

ALL senseless violence is sickening. Terrorists DO needs to be stopped. And the US Constitution matters. Walking our talk matters. At home and abroad.

I love this country. I want to lift it up. I want to shake it. I want to cry.

Relief, grief, sorrow, hope…all battle seeds of resignation…in a tiring, quiet fight inside.”(-Tangerine Bolen)

“Nations have recently been led to borrow billions for war; no nation has ever borrowed largely for education… no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make our choice; we cannot have both.” (-Abraham Flexner)


Myself, I’m tired of the corporate narrative: Bush Libraries–talk about oxymoron’s, “dark-skinned suspects”, the banker bail-outs, the whole notion of “too big to fail”, executive bonuses, tall tales of pharma’d out lone gunmen, weapons of mass destruction, nukes in Iran, drones in “the homeland”, warrantless wiretaps, airport molestations, botched drug raids, they claim it’s safe to swim in the gulf, taser deaths where the cop is on paid leave, pending internal investigations, while talk radio demonizes the victim. I also don’t wanna hear about fucking Lil Wayne and Katy Perry and Arcade Fire, anymore, either. What if I told you Radiohead are way overrated and that Mumford & Sons sucks? Do you all too frequently, end up in miserable conversations with dumbed-down adults about Jack White, or their effin’ videogames? Everyone is so damned programmed, they’ll believe anything, if “Spin” magazine and Comedy Central say it often enough. “If there is one thing history has taught us, it is that our government and consolidated media would never lie.”

How peculiar that on “record store day”, I dreamt I was berating my friend the indie record store owner for becoming so hopelessly addicted to money, status, ego, and being boss, at the expense of his neglected old friends and overall coolness, nowadays, he’ll gladly tell you the new Lady Gaga is just wonderful. It’s been quite awhile now since I’ve had any worthy wax to wanna fire up this here dusty turntable, but I got my paws on the latest side from THE LOVESORES, Portland Oregon’sLovesores own fun-junkie rocknroll savior machine. A lot has happened since the belligerent HUMPERS first stormed the sticky pubs, ruling the early nineties with their energy charged, catchy, melodic, Ramones stoopid but never dumb, good times all the time, drunk-rock, that was one of the few redeeming features of that fucking otherwise excruciatingly, insufferably, awful “grunge era”. To many of us tired old bastards, the Humpers, Lazy Cowgirls, Nomads, Pleasure Fuckers, Mummies, and Electric Frankenstein represented the last surge of real vital punknroll, the last generation of boogaloo dudes who really knew how to rock like fuck. All that fake-indie college rock and alternahunk bullshit, whiteboy rappers, grunge, Capitalist-rap, corporate pop-punk…that shit just made you wanna turn the radio OFF, permanently. Who knew it could get any worse? Police state propaganda, cable unreality, military clampdowns, all your sentimental favorites have sold out, or died, and corporate music has never sucked so bad. Ever. Ever. Not even in the Pat Boone days!

It’s hard to recall how promising and exciting the Humpers were, way back in time, from the very start. They had a secret weapon that all their poseur wanna-be’s and pomade greasyHumpers, kid imitators, who played loud and fast songs about their cars and strip-club fantasies and drunk-driving mostly lacked. A PRIMO songwriter! The Humpers had good songs, hit after hit. They just keep coming, too. At this point, Scott Drake probably has more consistently great albums than Prince, though you haven’t heard a peep about him in the corporate media since the Humpers were on Epitaph for five minutes, fifteen years ago. Now, the demon barber of Long Beach, Billy Burke of Salon Pop fame, has been working with a girl group in L.A. called the Champanties, while more recent years have seen Scott “Deluxe” Drake relocating to the rainy Northwest and reuniting with his longtime songwriting partner, Jeff Fieldhouse. His solo CD’s have all been great, and consistent with his over-all L.A.M.F. legacy.

Even though Drake hails originally from Merced, California, and grew up on the fringes of the L.A. hardcore, cow-punk, and death rock scenes, that spawned sweaty, shirtless frontmen like Henry Rollins and Keith Morris, Scott “Deluxe” Drake has always been a throwback to the rat pack entertainers, he’s part smart social commentator ala Lenny Bruce or Frank Zappa, part vaudevillian song n dance man, and all his work is shot through with great intellect, character fiction, and wiseass comedy. He, ideally, should be hosting a rocknroll variety tv show with Vegas-y dancing girls with big feathered fans and headdresses. You look just like a Dean Martin from…hell! At his best, the pit-provoking, crowd-cajoling soul-surgeon, Scott “Deluxe” Drake is easily in league with Peter Zaremba of the Fleshtones, Lux InteriorScott "Deluxe" Drake of the Cramps, and Jim Jones of Thee Hypnotics, he’s a remarkable performer-ask anyone who ever had to open for him. I don’t know how he does it, but he relentlessly continues to churn out great songs, unforgettable performances, convenes stellar line-ups of preeminent musicians, and releases one fabulous release after the next, never faltering, just consistently contributing more phenomenal punk rock, like some kind of gold- lame’-jacketed-guru-pharmacist-swami-alchemist-real-rocknroll-badass, even in these pitch black years of austerity, fascism, and loathsome beardo hipster mediocrity. I wish I knew how to do it.

As the brother of Hollywood’s answer to Johnny Thunders, Jeff Drake from the legendary Joneses; Scott and his co-founding member of the Humpers, fan-fave Jeff Fieldhouse, have always immersed themselves in the wild partying, filthy, gonzo, reckless spirit of our punknroll forefathers, taking inspiration from that Jerry Lee Lewis swagger and spontaneity, Chuck Berry’s showmanship and storytelling, and Little Richard’s impeccable stylishness and fun and soul, these unstoppable hellions always bring back the glory days of unbridled, untamed, undomesticated, unrepentant rocknroll, but they’ve taken that fifties rocknroll psychosis thing and booted it up with a Detroit ’69 energy, MC5 animal magnetism, Stooges brattiness and unflinching fearlessness.  So ya know, they just can’t fail. How endearing(!!!) that “Maximum Rock And Roll” compared this band to Scott Drake, without comprehending it was Scott Drake. Ha! You know when these motherfuckers roll out the barrel, it’s gonna be Animal House Times Vintage Van Halen, until everybody wakes up, days later in another town, hungover, alcohol poisoned, semi-nakedlovesores, full of shame and regret, in marching band uniforms with powdered white donut sugar all over their faces.  You know all those banal blockbuster movies about fat, curly haired kids goin’ nutty on spring break? I’m guessin’ the screenwriters knew some blackedout and bleary-eyed Humpers fans way back in the 90′s. Scott and Jeff’s young gunslinger, snakeskin-booted ladies man, Adam 98% Kattau, is the notorious toast of the neon-lit night-life in Pot-Land, a full-time character in the tradition of eccentric and witty Drake bandmates. Our sources close to the Lovesores camp were not able to confirm or deny the accuracy of rumors that Adam 98% Kattau, last seen in the company of Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, was still recovering from “exhaustion” after a stormy break-up with Lindsay that resulted in both of them being banned for life from both the Chatau Marmont, as well as all elite W Hotels, worldwide; but he was unavailable for comment at this time.

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE caught-up with the last standing punknroll king, Scott Drake:

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Please discussfieldhouse your history with Jeff Fieldhouse and what it’s like still collaborating with him after all these years:

SCOTT “DELUXE” DRAKE: I met Jeff in the mid-80′s…I was aware of him because he was dating a good friend of mine and he was also playing guitar in a cool band called Partners in Crime. When he expressed an interest in joining my band (The Suicide Kings), I was a bit concerned because he was pretty intense and looked a bit like Charles Manson. I thought I’d better let him play with us, or I’d end-up like Sharon Tate. I think the most recent batch of songs we’ve written together are as good as any we’ve written in the past.

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Tell us about the other personalities in THE LOVESORES.

SCOTT “DELUXE” DRAKE: Adam is the bon vivant of the band…always hanging-out with celebrities and dating super-models, etc…I heard that Vanity Fair is gonna do a special issue on him. Alex is the enforcer of the group…he’s heavily into martial arts, ESP and full-contact hang-gliding. Eric is a modern-day bohemian…his drumming paints surreal images that I can only hope I will one day begin to understand. Saul Koll is the newest member of the group…he’s a world-class guitar builder and has been honored for conspicuous consumption by several major distilleries.

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: How is the BUBBLE GUM RIOT EXPRESS being received by rabid punk rock enthusiasts, thus-far?

SCOTT “DELUXE” DRAKE:  The Bubblegum Riot Express has been received quite well, thank you. The new EP is on the verge of selling out and our live show is in demand. Our plan is to keep it rolling until everyone figures out what terrible human beings we are….after that, we’ll change our name.

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: I am grateful for the new record on a sad day when my morale needed lifted, due to the sad passing of nervy new wave great, Chrissy Amphlett, the female Bon Scott. Did you like the Divinyls?

SCOTT “DELUXE” DRAKE: Yeah, I liked The Divinyls….dunno if I’d go so far as to say I was a “fan”…but I was always happy to hear them….and to see them (for obvious reasons). May she rest in peace.


“Bubblegum Riot” kicks off with some righteous Slade style 70′s junk-shop glam stomping and snaky Johnny Thunders/Joey Pinterlive style leads and that familiar Deluxe Drake wiseass braggadocio. Man, this is an absolutely live-wired, revved-up throwback to the Sucide Kings/Savage Young Humpers/Vice Principals hell-raisin’ heyday, buy him a shot, Scott Drake kills it every time. I guess I’m a fan. Love the backing vocals on this one. “Bubblegum Riot” may be one of Scott’s best songs since “Drunk Tank” or ”Apocalypse Girl”. Nobody does high energy oi-pop like Drake. He takes a catchy Redd Kross melody and goads his band into punishing it like Poison Idea. Just marvelous! Bangs into, “Flamethrower Chic”, stil another devastatingly cool, all-ages pogo-inducer-I say “all-ages” because this song just tweaks my kid out, he goes batshit when he hears this band, breakdancing in circles on the kitchen floor, hurling himself recklessly around like a pre-school Darby Crash. I’m afraid he’s gonna hurt himself. I was that same way, once, myself. Back in the 80′s, we were young, it was the glam rock underground, I guess I used to drink some. All it takes to intoxicate MY kid is some FF&F rocknroll spinning quietly on a little old lady’s former turntable. “82nd Ave. Breakdown” revisits some of our least favorite old haunts in the sketchy side of town, invoking perennial Drake themes of desperate living, drugs and prostitution in the ghettofied combat-zone badlands. “Her Majesty’s Ass” is yet another total assault on the culture of Generica and sets flame to one’s best memories of a misspent youth gone bad, demanding your immediate attendance in the front row of the next LOVESORES show, even if you already know you’ll end up with no cab-fare home. This must-buy, vinyl E.P. is available from our favorite label and I think also,  It is an instant cult-classic. We thought they didn’t make music with this type of raw powered intensity and ferocious abandon, anymore. “The Chinese Twist” is “Land Of 1000 Dances” for meth-heads. Relentlessly good. “Theme From The Lovesores” starts off echoing a much loved melody from the Humpers masterpiece, “Positively Sick On Fourth Street” and has a really youthful, upbeat, Mott The Hoople pop feel, like the Clash’s “Stay Free” or “Gates Of the West”, or the Boys, or The Beat Angels. Then, the perfect record ends, before those of us with computer-shortened attention spans can lose interest, perfect-timing. Wow. Exceptionally kickass. A Blast. Riot On! I Especially, highly, extra recommended to fans of Izzy Stradlin era Guns N Roses! Hear this Lovesores album, if only, so you’ll understand why so many of us don’t share your excitement about Bumblefoot and Duff and Slash’s many wanking, corporate metal, solo projects. This is the real deal. If you are a follower of all those Johnny Thunders oriented bands like NY JUNK, Brandy Row, Tango Pirates, Dogs D’Amour, Michael Monroe, Steve Conte, Jim Jones Revue, Dirty Eyes, or even Bermondseyback Joriders, etc., etc., you will similarly be impressed by the cranked to the hilt Chuck Berry onslaught of THE LOVESORES.

I dunno about you, but in these tense and ever darkening times, when we are being told that fascism and domestic-propaganda are the “new normal”, and they’re closing all our schools with their standardized testing shams, and stripping us of our most basic and essential freedoms, and half the nation is in poverty, and yesteryear’s heroes and rocknroll personalities and truth-speakers are dropping like flies all around us, and we’re barraged around the clock with corporate choreographed Mousketeer Mousepad Muzak bullshit, there is something very uplifting and nourishing and redemptive about unearthing a secret stash of pure and real, vital, gutsy, unbeaten rocknroll. The LOVESORES have the filth and the fury of all your crassest bruisers with the sunnyiest singalong choruses of Chapman/Chinn. There was always a close brotherhood between glitter rock and power pop, the Lovesores start there, straddling that fine-line, but coke it all up with switchblade wielding, street punk aggression. It’s like chewing a rhythm on your bubblegum, on your way to buy some crack, or start a fire in a teenage girl’s imagination. Believe me, you already love THE LOVESORES! Dee Dee Ramone would have loved the Lovesores.

Man, I’m gonna miss Chrissy Amphlett!