Future Villains

Future Villains, Video Release Party
With Dirty Pairadice
The Viper Room, The Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, California
By Victoria Joyce

Getting to the Viper just in time to hear the last song of Dirty Pairadice -straight out of Vegas – Pair of Dice – get it? We already were kicking ourselves for not arriving earlier.

There is nothing better in a rock journalist’s life than going out to see one band and being knocked silly by the opener that you’ve never heard of. Self-described as “Loud andFuture Villains Rude,” what’s not to love. Certainly not all that long pretty hair, black jeans, chains, vicious energy and tats.

The Dirty’s are Dallas on lead vocals and guitar, Dylan on lead guitar, Ruzz on bass and Donny playing drums. All of them sing, real loud and real rude. One song and we sold our soul. Please come back to The Sunset Strip soon. I’m looking at you, Ruzz.

The Main Event was right on time, at the stroke of 11 o’clock the new video by Future Villains flickered on the walls of the Viper. “Devil in Her Bones” is a bait and switch from the get-go – beginning with a clichéd performance of the FV’s- a raunchy punked out speed metal band playing out in the middle of the desert jaggedly cuts to the band’s triangle logo with a test tone– ala ‘we interrupt this message’ only to turn to a musical narrative of “Papa Don’t Preach” meets “Thelma and Louise,” flutter cut with “True Blood.” You’re dirty, sweet and you’re my girl. We love the classics.

Directed by Tyler Jackson, the film is celebration of female rebellion, frustration and freedom scored with a song that is a little more slowed down, less frenetic, more plaintive. It’s all cars, guns, fingernails, flat-ironed hair and smoke.

Existentialist? Sure, but with a lot of black mesh and lace with girl-on-girl action. The camera loves the F-Villains. They look mighty fine performing the title song from the Club in Hell. Didn’t care much for the “it was all a dream” ending when the bad girlFuture Villainswakes up in her own bedroom – it was very Dorothy Gale.

But if you ever do go looking for your hearts desire and you look any further than your own back yard – you never lost it to begin with. We are the world.

Apres film – the band to the stage with much enthusiasm – lead vocalist and Anton LaVey lookalike, Dusty Bo with founder and Mohawk madman, Clay Davies accompanied Nate Jealouss on rhythm guitar, David Ellis on bass and Kenny Dale on drums. Very Metal and very Punk with classic rock roots and smeared with the Blues. A lot of Soul with sharp edges.

Dusty Bo’s stage movements are part Reggae, part Wailing Wall; half wild man, half prayer. Blind abandon, spins and swirls waiting for the band to cue his heavenly hellish scream song. The packed club loved every minute of it.

Taking time to dedicate a song to the evening’s host – Dayle Gloria, Future Villains covered Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” beat perfect. It was a revelation. Future Villains left the audience exhausted. Everybody went home happy with their angel on their shoulder and the devil in their bones.