Vinyl Villains – SugarBuzz Podcast

Vinyl Villains
SugarBuzz Podcast Numero Uno
By Christopher Duda

Christopher Duda is back! And he has got a rock and roll house party in his pants. Once again, the demonic Duda has devised a devilish new podcast for your listening pleasure.

Vinyl is all the rage, and Vinyl Villains features new and not so new tracks played the way God intended. On a turntable.

Listen at your own risk.

Click Here Shugsters! 

Featured Bands

Redd Kross-

Symbol Six-  and

Platinum Blonde-

Random Conflict- and

The Now– Buy it on eBay

Lazy- Lazy record label-

Heavy Eyes-

The Scientists-  and

Letch Patrol-


Son Of A Gun-

Leather  Uppers-

The Recordettes-

Hot Nasties- and

The Mummies-

Left in Ruins- and