SSMF 2013 – Day Two

WELLS ARTSHOW-2The Sunset Strip Music Festival 2013
Reflections on the Sunset Strip; Paintings of Stacey Wells
Welcome Party at the Andaz Hotel
West Hollywood, CA
August 2, 2013
By Victoria Joyce
Photography by Mila Reynaud

Day Two of SSMF 2013 found us at Stacey Wells’ art exhibit – like last year, her show was held at Carefree Style Rental Showroom on the Sunset Strip where you can rent a Bentley for $9000 a week. A mere bag of shells.

This year’s exhibition will be held in honor of her late friend and fellow artist and actor, Jeff Cahill. Jeff passed on last January and is missed by all his friends and family on the Strip. Cahill began his acting career in the “Blues Brothers” films and had recent roles on “Dangerous Minds,” “ER,” and “NYPD Blue.” Rockers know him from managing the Roxy. Nice guy.

For the unfamiliar, Stacey’s style is graphic and brazen, shocking colors on a black background, taking images from photographs similar in style to Andy Warhol, featuring faces of the Sunset Strip’s Rockers and Stars; Drummer Dave, Lizzy Stadler, Danny Excess, Danny Christ, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Manson and what was Hugh Hefner doing here?

Stacey loves her photographers and is quick to credit her source material; SomRic Castro, James Donnelly, Mike Lawrence and Lizzy Stadler. Even Nic Adler contributed with his image of Jeff Cahill that Stacey turned into a most haunting portrait.

Featured prominently is a big beautiful portrait of SSMF 213 Honoree Joan Jett of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. We saw a few paintings from last year’s show Reflections on the Sunset Strip, portraits on wine bottles. Wine, women and song. It’s a thing.

Check out the interview with Stacy Wells here.

Walking up the Sunset strip to a very special party on the roof the Andaz Hotel (AKA the infamous Riot House from Motorhead’s song) we ran into Rock Diva, Lena Lacaro, photographer Jimmy Steinfeldt and our hero, Rodney Bingenheimer.

We chatted with Rodney about the SSMF 2013 Honoree Joan Jett Award Ceremony the night before held at The House of Blues. Listen here.

Scoop Du Jour – Darling Rodney is working on a upgrade and re-establishment of his infamous English Acid Disco, bringing it back to The Sunset Strip. We can only hope!

Special Treat Department: Rock Doc, “The Sunset Strip” silently screened on the side of the hotel wall above the pool, prompting filmmaker Tommy Alastra to stop by to say hello to Mayor Rodney with the good news of the documentary’s premiere on Showtime in August. Starting out with fantastic archival footage of back in the day and now, the film features extensive interviews with movers, shakers, rockers and comics.  Everyone is in this movie! Wicked cool stuff and required viewing. Showtime, same channel as Dexter.

Down the boulevard, Festers were treated to an evening’s free Block Party Concert featuring Franky Perez & The Truth, Jessica Childress, Family Wagon and Exist Elsewhere. The party was DJ’ed by our fave rave spinner, Casper VonDJ.

And the lucky ones got into the sold out night one of a two-night run of Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts at the Viper. Scott and the Abouts (Doug Grean, The Viper’s own Tommy Black, Jeremy Brown and Dan Thompson) will hit Stugis next, touring through the end of August. So much Rock, so little me.

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Photography by Mila Reynaud