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George GlassInterview with George Glass
By Christopher Duda –Buzzin’ with Sugar

How did you come to the decision to be homeless in order to pay for the making/reproduction/promotion of this album?

Wasn’t much of a choice really.  I could either pay my rent or make an album.  Didn’t really make enough money at the time for both.  So I floated for about 10 months, slept in a supply closet and on the occasional couch, showered at the gym, and hung out at the bar inside the restaurant underneath my work.  EventuallyGeorge Glass I was able to afford a new place to live once the record was done.  I wouldn’t really recommend this method to anyone.

Is it true that the drummer is of only a handful of people in the world that can run a 4c-pcc (whatever the hell that is…..!?) 

Yes, but some of the advanced watches and triggers are still not well understood in North America.

Does the band name come from the infamous episode of The Brady Bunch when Jan created an imaginary boyfriend named George Glass? If so, were you raised on a steady diet of 70’s TV and Count Chocula? And lastly on that subject if you had your choice to spy on Marsha or Jan with X-ray glasses from the back of the comic book who would you choose?

I have a friend who used to date this guy whom she rarely brought around, so someone started calling him George Glass.  That was the first time I had heard the term and then later I found out it was from a TV show.  And yes I was raised on 70s TV for sure.  Taxi, Fish, Barney Miller, etc!  But Count Chocula wasn’t really in my rotation.  Cocoa Puffs, on the other hand, was a staple.  And Marsha is probably the best bet.  Is that typical?  I dunno, Jan was always whining about something or other.

What is your past history sonically speaking (in the words of Fred Sonic Smith)? Who primarily were you influenced by musically and is there any current bands that you feel deserve a healthy or unhealthy mention?

Primarily we were influenced by the bands we came up with, some of which are no longer around, unfortunately.  But they still deserved George Glassto be mentioned.  Die Rockers Die, One Trick Pony, The Transmissions, Death to Anders, to name a few.

Musically your output seems diverse. Is this a culmination or representation of who you are? Your music seems honest and not contrived….basic premise being …”this is who we are and if we feel like doing a country tune now and a balls out rocker next…deal with it.mofo”? Or are you slightly more polite?

We try to be politely offensive. I think our sonic palette is a bit more diverse than normal due to the fact that we’re still trying to perfect our collective musical voice.  This new album brought us closer to that.  When we wrote and recorded our first EP we had only been playing together for about 4 or 5 months, so we were still feeling things out. Now we’ve got a firmer grasp on our strengths, I think.  But yeah it’s always sorta bothered me that a band’s songs are expected to fit so neatly into one specific category.  The albums that have 15 songs that sound exactly the same usually don’t get as many spins as the albums with variation.

I have seen you referred to as Indie Pop… almost a lazy tag that encompasses anything. How would you describeGeorge Glass your sound in two words?

Pee Pants

Were you ever influenced by punk or the hardcore movement?

Yes. The rhythm section especially. Crass, GBH, Misfits, The Saints, and then a whole bunch of hardcore/straightedge hc: Black Flag, Minor Threat, Dischord bands in general, Gravity records (San Diego 90s) like Heroin, Clikitat, Cars Get Crushed, Antioch Arrow.

Do you plan to tour this album outside of The United States of America?

That would be nice.  Not sure we have the financial backing to pull that off currently….unless you have a rich friend or two you can introduce us to.

If you are coming to Canada I can teach you how to ride a polar bear properly.

As long as the polar bears don’t feel immense shame if ridden by a human that wasn’t theirGeorge Glass spirit-human.

Is it advisable to wear gas masks when visiting L.A?

It’s advisable to wear gas masks when visiting anywhere these days. Between bacteria, fungi, viruses, particulates, toxins just on the human body alone. We wholly encourage gas masks. Would you like to buy some?

Is it easier to ride an eagle or a bear?


What influences you lyrically? Is the community and environment a direct influence on your lyrical output?

Not as much as alcohol and sadness.  But yeah it’s almost impossible to not be affected by your surroundings. Especially in a city as devoid of human warmth as Los Angeles.  The constant struggle to be seen through the smog of ambition out here will bring things out of you that you never knew were there.  Both good and bad.

Is L.A really hell on earth?

Only in the worn out places like Sunset Strip and Disneyland. And Universal City Walk.  Otherwise it’s pretty chill.

Were The Replacements ever on your radar and are the current shows they are doing exciting to you in any form?

The Replacements are more of an indirect influence than a direct one, I think.  I still haven’t listened to Let It Be all the way George Glassthrough.

Are you currently working on new material?

We currently have a handful of songs on the back burner.  We’re hoping to either release an EP or start work on a brand new LP here in the coming months.

How do you see the band evolving?

Trying to keep our options open.  The future’s a blank slate.  A lot of the songs being written right now are of a more mellow melodic variety.  I think all signs point in that direction.

Where will you all be in 10 years?

Hopefully not in the same place we are now.  Let’s push things forward.

Parting Thoughts or Cheap Shots??

Bon Iver is the Michael McDonald of indie Rock.