“FUTURA” (CD/Download 2012)

By Rich Cocksedge

The version of honeychain responsible for this five track EP that saw the light of day at the start of 2013 was basically a one woman show with that woman being Hillary Burton, most recently to be found in the duo, Nushu.  The five tracks featured on this debut release are impossible to listen to without referencing the awesomeness that is The Muffs, in that there is that same amount of grit added to a highly enjoyable poppy-punk delivery.

Musically this is straight up power-pop that a) finds the sweet spot and hits it over and over for almost sixteen minutes and b) highlights the obvious talents of Burton, who has only had help with backing vocals on this release.  The EP fires into life with “The All-About-Me Girl”, a tale of lost friendship that brings to mind The Bangles and The Go-Go’s in addition to The Muffs.

“Easy To Forget” maintains that sweet sounding guitar but within the chorus it has qualities reminiscent of some of the Sixties girl groups as it seems to be layered to add some depth to the song. “Two Fools” doesn’t stray too far from what is a formula that suits Burton and the songs she has written for this release although it does slow the mood down a bit for the verses in preparation for a bigger sounding chorus.

The final track “Than You” again shows how Burton has the ability to build a layered song that almost wraps the listener up in a comfort blanket, with a lush sound that ends with one final chord left ringing from the guitar; ringing as if it’s about to make a delayed return but never actually doing so.

Since the recording and release of this EP Burton has formed a full on band which is currently in the process of writing and recording another handful of songs for a second EP; although as a patient man, I’m happy to just have these first five songs fizzing around in my head for now, but this will only serve to build my anticipation for the follow-up.  For those who have the opportunity to catch the full band live then I urge you to do so.