Nato Coles and The Blue Diamond Band

Nato Coles and The Blue Diamond Band
“Promises To Deliver” LP/CD  (Dead Broke Records) 2013
By Rich Cocksedge

Some bands manage to channel the kind of 1970’s Bruce Springsteen vibe in such a way that they make it their own.  Others fall flat on the face and then roll over to have their asses kicked in attempting to come across as the 21st century, punk version of The Boss.  Nato Coles (who has an impressive musical CV tucked into his back pocket) has backed himself with The Blue Diamond Band to produce nine tracks of rock ‘n’ roll that can be traced back to Springsteen, both in terms of the music and the story telling, and does so in a highly effective way.

For me this is one of the most impressive bands that whether intentionally or not, has allowed an influence provided by one of the biggest and more neogeo99acceptable rock stars in the world at present to come to the fore.  Let’s be fair, there is no point in hiding it and it’s no longer seen as a hindrance to effectively pay tribute to a man who once would have been ridiculed by punks primarily for hisBorn in the USA album (despite some of the lyrical content it contained) or more so, records like the ultimately bland The Tunnel of Love.

Anyway, Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band know how to write and, just as importantly, deliver a good tune, most of which surround fairly standard topics but then this kind of blue collar rock ‘n’ roll is quite formulaic anyway and it’s no surprise to find a track titled “True Blue Rocker” pounding out here either.  There’s an ode to the touring mode of transport favoured by many bands over the year in “Econoline” that stands out to me as one of my favourite tracks.  You get the idea – nothing new but it’s all done rather well.

Coles’ voice has a quality that fits in perfectly with this kind of rock ‘n’ roll, as it seems to be imbued with a hint of soul which helps add a sense of warmth to the songs.  I have to say that this seems a bit of a new tangent for Dead Broke Rekerds, but certainly it’s one that is worth following.