Murder by Death

Murder by Death
Larry and his Flask
Echoplex - Los Angeles
Words and Photography by Mila Reynaud

On my way back from the amazing Desert Stars Festival in Pioneertown, I made a stop by the Echoplex in Echopark to listen the moody voice and the haunting sound of Adam Turla and the cellist Sarah Balliet. Sad that I missed them at the Hootenanny last July, I definitely was not going to miss Murder by Death playing their classic western gothic tunes at the Echoplex .

The American five-piece indie rock band from Bloomington, Indiana has been on the road since May 2013, and after Southeast USA & Europe dates, they came back for a West Coast and Midwest USA tour. Apparently the guys did such crazy good show the night before in San Diego that some fans followed the band to their show in LA. It was easy recognizing them in the crowd, singing along to great songs such as “‪As Long as There is Whiskey in the World” or “I Came Around” and “Fuego”!

The Echoplex was super packed, warm, with the smell of whiskey floating in the air. This band has the power to take us out of reality, and transport us somewhere in a ship or a pub in the past century drinking and listening to    their songs that tell of life with sentimentality, sincerity, honesty, passion, and love!!

The night started at an early 8pm, with a band from Minneapolis called “4onthefloor “. A solid rock and rebel mind, with a strong delivery.

4 on the Floor was followed by the super tonic and festive “Larry and his Flask” with their folk trashgrass punk sound. They burned the house down as usual with their fast and catchy songs. It was definitely a good plan to land from the desert, back in the urban life!