“Radioactivity” LP (Dirtnap Records)
By Rich Cocksedge

Some of the best music is that which is without pomp and fuss. One of the finest exponents of such an approach is Jeff Burke, a man who has been exciting the ears of music fans for a few years now with his work in The Marked Men, Potential Johns and The Novice. His latest project is Radioactivity, which is a continuation of The Novice, a band that Jeff started whilst living in Japan and here the US version also includes Mark Ryan, also of The Marked Men.

I am left feeling somewhat stumped whilst listening to this, Radioactivity’s first long player, a record that is basically so simple yet at the same time just so awesome in the way it rides along on a huge melodic wave for thirteen tracks. If it is so simple to do, why don’t others copy the formula? What is it in Jeff Burke’s make up that allows him to produce something so breathtaking? These are the big questions that are currently plaguing me and I really wish I could figure out the answers but I somehow doubt I’ll ever reach that stage of enlightenment. For now I’ll continue toradioactivity1-1 2 bathe in the sweet joy that this record offers.

What is all the fuss about you might say? Well, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the catchiness that imbues these songs with an upbeat sensation which pushes aside any downbeat thoughts one might be carrying around with them. This is essentially a mix of punk and garage rock with a hint of lo-fi that is as immediate as you could hope a record to ever be. Sure there’ll be people who, for whatever reason, won’t get it but this is music that deserves to find the widest audience it possibly can because it is so damn listenable and Radioactivity should be highly praised from all corners of the globe for this record. This isn’t hyperbole by the way, it’s a fact.

Do you get the feeling that I like this band/album and that I think you should give it a try too? Good, then my job is done. If you doubt my words then seek out “Don’t Try” as the one song that encapsulates the best of Radioactivity for me – it’s a killer.
The great news is that Radioactivity is working on a second album for Dirtnap Records which should be around in the not too distant future.