Tattoos Cure Cancer

Tattoos Cure Cancer – Kick off Event
Eternal Art Tattoo
Canyon Country, CA
By Lucky

Tattoos Cure Cancer. Currently, 7,337,903 people have died of cancer in 2013. By the time you read this, thousands more will have been added to that astronomical figure.  Now imagine the multitude of family members whose lives will never be the same due to their tragic loss. I am one, and so is Adam Guyot.

Adam Guyot is proprietor of Eternal Art Tattoo in Canyon Country, California. Discovering a love of all things ink, Adam worked his way up from apprentice to a first class world renowned tattoo artist through dedication and hard work.  In 2004, Adam lost his beloved father to lung cancer and made a solemn vow that some how, some way, a cure would be found, a cure that would rid the earth of this horrid plague once and for all. Enter Tattoos Cure Cancer.

Putting his talents and commitment to the forefront of the war on cancer, Adam has established the non-profit organization Tattoos Cure Cancer which is geared towards raising money to be in part donated for cancer research and to provide financial assistance to those in need of specialized treatment which they normally they would not be able to afford.  Funds are raised through the sale of Tattoos Cure Cancer merchandise and awesome events where supporters can get a bad ass cancer ribbon tattoo or some variation thereof for a predetermined event fee. In this scenario, supporters were able to choose from the $50 design board or go for a bit more pain by selecting a design from the $100 board.  Either way, it’s for the cure.

Tattoos Cure Cancer kick-off event was held at Eternal Art Tattoo on a beautiful November Sunday starting at 8 in the morning and lasting until the last blood was spilled somewhere around 6 in the evening. Then all involved hit the after party at a local pub. The event ran like clockwork thanks to the amazing legion of volunteers that included tattoo artists, receptionists, security personnel, administrators, photographers, and some scumbag rock journalist who got to hang out under the guise of writing an article.

Not just artists from Eternal Art Tattoo donated their time and talent, but artists from other renowned parlors around the Los Angeles area were in attendance to show solidarity. All artists were assigned a work space and through their due diligence the long line of tattoo recipients was processed in an orderly fashion.

Refreshments were served and Tattoos Cure Cancer wristbands were tossed about freely by some remarkable ladies who handled the obligatory pre-ink paperwork. Another stroke of genius to raise revenue occurred via ticket sales for the killer guitar donated by Legator Guitars that is to be raffled off at an upcoming Tattoos Cure Cancer event of spectacular proportions. SugarBuzz will keep you informed once it is officially announced.

The amazing turnout included not only hardcore tattoo maniacs, but moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas who all waited patently, side by side, until it was their turn to take a stand. Camaraderie ensued where all in attendance had but one goal, one desire, to “bleed for a cure”.

Now it is your turn to get involved. Go to the Tattoos Cure Cancer website, make a donation, get some swag, support.






















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