Kid Nichols

Kid Nichols
 “Weathering The Storm” Digital (Self Released) 2013
By Rich Cocksedge

It’s no surprise that on this release that Kid Nichols initially remind me of Timeshares – they’re both New Jersey bands and there is undeniably some musical similarities between a bunch of bands from that state (it’s also produced and mixed by Pete Steinkopf of the Bouncing Souls to help cement this potentially sweeping comparison).

Out of the five tracks featured on this digital release, two were included on the band’s 2012 long player, Voice of the Voiceless (previously reviewed here) and although it could be construed as rather lazy to do so, on actually listening to those tracks it’s more than clear why Kid Nichols had taken that decision.  First up “Caveat” was a good track on the album, but here the production is much clearer adding more of a punch to the track than it had previously and to be fair it was no slouch in its previous guise.  Secondly, “Saints Alive!” was an acoustic track closing the album but here  it’s given a full electric outing and benefits enormously from such a delivery resulting in it being my stand out track by some distance.  The other three tracks all have their merits too and along with the help of Steinkopf’s production, Kid Nichols is definitely a band on the up. Weathering The Storm has a greater clarity to its sound without losing any edge or grit that is inherent in the band’s delivery.  This is very good melodic punk rock that is highly enjoyable to listen to.

Hopefully this will get a physical release as the band are seeking out a label to work with in making this happen but for now it’s down to Bandcamp to provide access to the tracks and I recommend you do some clicking to take you in that direction.