The Breakaways

Walking Out On Love
(The Lost Sessions)

Alive Records

By Christopher Duda
(SugarBuzz Toronto)

SugarBuzz Magazine

The fact that Peter Case never knew that these recordings existed should drop a huge powerpop fat man bomb beneath your ass, and alert you lazy mp3 downloading click happy trigger fingers to the importance of this discovery. Gee, and you thought the discovery of King Tuts tomb by Howard Carter was the most important unearthing of the last 100 + years!

The Breakaways are basically Peter Case and Paul Collins with different guitar players that subsequently were lured and plied with various devices of torture and alcohol. After the demise of the prototype band –The Nerves; Peter and Paul continued forging the path towards making the perfect pop hit and damn they came close to nailing the bull’s-eye! Why The Plimsouls or The Beat songs are not sung from the mouths of babe’s right up to nursing home sing-alongs is a travesty of colossal size and dimension. Once again…..I won’t harp on it but the public likes to be spoon-fed sugarcoated swill. Yes sir, I will obey. Your wish is my command. Lady Gaga has wonderful breasts and is my favorite singer. I will worship her labia and the label she is on. I will buy all her records and rarities. Get the point! You robotic pop loving three headed monster machine!

Once you get your head out of the precipitating clouds your throbbing grey mass may begin to fathom that some of the musical swill on the rollercoaster ride through neurons and protons is blinking …RECOGNTION! (Insert subliminal message here-The Breakaways are bigger than Jesus!)

Yes, folks step right up and listen to the amazing Breakaways play songs made popular by the ever so loved “The Nerves”. Slip into the whirring blinking time machine towards future earth and discover that Paul Collins’ The Beat reinvented songs from the Breakaway sessions but no folks that is not all….. Sham Wow! Peter Case also reinvented songs from these sessions using them for his band- The Plimsouls.

These intrepid warriors of power pop were bitten by an infectious rock and roll syringe and fans mollycoddled their every breath, note and lyric until they mutated into two factions and continued the quest for the perfect hit.

Essential Purchase. Own it, caress it and fondle it. Tune In, Drop Out and blow your fucking skull in two. Buy it now and your friends might actually think you are cool and even pretend that those skinny jeans you bought look good on your fat ass!

I am left wondering would it be possible for Case and Collins to do a small tour promoting this release? Start with Canada. We have marginally better health care.

SugarBuzz Magazine