The Hollywood Harlots


Christopher Duda
(SugarBuzz Toronto)

SugarBuzz Magazine

Sleaze! Sleaze! Sleaze!

Fluorescent sex signs flashing, popping, and buzzing, Peepshows, and Triple XXX.

Nervous men with darting eyes and hands shoved deep within their pockets, pacing nervously back and forth before b-lining it inside the dirty, filthy, putrid bookstore.

The Hollywood Harlots will grant you clemency for your perverted meanderings; as they wallow in the grittier underbelly south of the naval- stimulating, stimulated and the stimulator (cd title gals!).

Coming at you and beating you across the head like some possessed strap on. Gritty spawn of The New York Dolls one night stands blended with the dirty girl appeal of Kim Fowley’s young swagger street chicks-The Runaways. Rollin’ the marble and spraying you full of gut wrenching, sweat soaked, tip the bottle rock and roll! Keep your hands out of your pants and your eyes and ears open for more in the future from the Hollywood Harlots!

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