On The Record With...

Ethan Deth (Kill Cheerleader)

By Christopher Duda

(SugarBuzz Toronto)

I'm never bored
When I'm killing for the lord
Now I've seen the light
Hail Mary! I've got Jesus on my side! - Circle Jerks

Kill Cheerleader will have crucifixes ramming through your ear drums at such speed you won’t feel a thing. Taking the energy of early Motorhead while grinding it together with the energy of bands like The Ramones or The Stooges; certainly will make for a lethal mix of intoxicating ear-popping assault. Read the interview. Buy the new cd “Kill Cheerleader-All Hail”-2006 on Spinerazor Records. Go drink. You had a long day.

Chris-What clubs were you banned from in Toronto and why?

Ethan: We're not giving publicity to those places however the first place
was because we smashed their glass front door after not being paid The
second place was because we lit a mannequin on fire a week after the Great
White NYC club fire. Lastly, the third place was because their sound guy started a
fistfight with me for wrecking his stage.

Chris- Have you ever played with the Sinisters?

Ethan: Yeah a few times. Legends. Easily.

Chris-Your music has a healthy crossover of metal and punk. What are your opinions on similar bands like the whole Swedish scene (Hellacopters, Gluecifer etc)?

Ethan: They seem like nice people??!! I prefer Swedish black metal.

Chris-You have received critical praise from Lemmy. That would almost be something to end a career on. Have Motorhead always been an influence? If so what are your favourite Motorhead LPs?

Ethan: Fuck praise. We'd be doing this if people liked it or not. Motorhead's career is flawless.

Chris-Toronto once had a large metal scene going in the late 80's. Slaughter, Sacrifice etc. Other Canadian acts like Razor and Exciter use to play Toronto a lot. How is the Toronto scene now in your opinion?

Ethan: The metal scene is long dead. Hardcore and emo shows are huge but it's time for that shit to die. Kill Cheerleader is an axe to the face of emo.

Chris-Why the move to L.A. In your opinion, is the Toronto scene that dismal?

Ethan: Yes it's that dismal. Toronto is a nice place to practice but fuck being part of its scene or any scene.

Chris-Your music takes the energy of metal and infuses it with the rawness of early punk bands like The Dead Boys, The Stooges. Etc. Do you listen to a lot of punk as well and does your listening habits generally influence what you write?

Ethan: I'm drunk or half asleep when I write. I don't remember what I was thinking for any of it.

Chris-Some critics say you are all flash with no substance. What do you have to say to your critics?

Ethan: We care not for flash. Critics hear one guitar solo and then turn the music off and write a review. No one reads their shit anyways so it doesn't matter.

Chris- Any interesting stories on your travels to L.A-debauchery sin and puke?

Ethan: The problem with being drunk is that you don't remember anything that happened. Whatever. Fuck memories.

Chris-Were you in other bands before Kill Cheerleader?

Ethan: I was in a hardcore band called Jakarta. It was my friend's vision and not mine. I left to start Kill Cheerleader.

Chris-Have you ever entertained the thought of panty less cheerleaders as onstage performers?

Ethan: If we ever had people on stage they would be fat men in thongs.

Chris-Did Screech from Saved By The Bell once play in the band?

Ethan: No, but he wrote all the lyrics on the first EP.

Chris-Europe seems to go ballistic for metal and punk. Are there plans to dominate Europe? Any plans for a large-scale tour?

Ethan: We don't have money for that kind of shit right now.

Chris-Are the drunken naked photos of the band on the web real or have they been doctored?

Ethan: The picture where I have the car from Knight Rider as one of my arms was definitely not doctored. Seriously, I think you have the wrong band.

Chris- Any other bands people should be aware of that they probably aren't.

Ethan: Goat Horn, Crystal Castles, Skull Fist, Hounds of Hell and Deathpact. Any other band only exists to keep the guitar shops of the nation in business.

Chris-Your sound has been described as a derailed train hitting a Baptist Church. Is that accurate?

Ethan: Music being described by words is always lame.

Chris-Any parting thoughts? Rants, opinionated babble, or observations?

Ethan: Turn your computer off and go outside or go here:


http://www.cheerleader666.com /


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