The Moog

Sold For Tomorrow

MuSick Recordings-2007

By Christopher Duda
(SugarBuzz Toronto)

SugarBuzz Magazine

These Hungarian Heart Throb hipsters are coming to America to woo your daughters into blissful delirium. Break out those chastity belts!

The Moog sound what The Strokes should have sounded like? Once the dust settled and the hype was gone, it became apparent that The Strokes were just an average band with a rich daddy behind them. The Moog build upon The Strokes/Libertines modus operandi with a sideways glare to their favourite artists (Beach Boys, Clash, Blur etc).

The Moog are coming to divide and conquer and they aint leaving until you love them!

The torch has been passed and The Moog have it firmly planted in their clutch.

Days of summer lying supine as the hot rays breed cancerous cells, beer clutched in hand, the smell of bbq’s and the sound of grass growing. The Moog fit that bill. Expect to hear them everywhere this summer.

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