The hits just keep on coming! Today we got a new review from Rich Cocksedge (SugarBuzz UK)! Rich took a listen to the new release from The Copyrights. It is not out until the first part of August, but Rich got an advance and lays it down. "Uncensored"


Have you read Pleathur lately? If not, here is your chance as I have just posted Geordie's (SugarBuzz USA) all new "wake up call". This time it's Billy Bragg that gets the nod. You may agree or disagree with Pleathur, but it sure gets the blood pumping. "Uncensored".


Duda (Sugarbuzz Toronto) interviews L.A. duo Magnuson. Can u dig it!?! "On the Record" And be sure to hit up "Headliners and Legends" for a tribute to the passing of Clarence Clemons and Gil Scott-Heron.


You know you love em.... Hall and Oates live at The Hollywood Bowl by Victoria Joyce (Sugarbuzz Hollywood). "Uncensored"


Christopher Duda interviews Dogs Bollocks from Switzerland. I really like this band, thanks to Duda for turning us on to them. "On the Record"


Let's get to rolling. Rock N' Write interviews Stacey Blood. "On the Record"


Let's get to rocking. Geordie interviews Jeff Ward. "On the Record"


Its another wake up call from Geordie Pleathur (SugarBuzz USA). This time, war is the word and other atrocities with a little inspiration from Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine. "Uncensored"


Who turned on the fucking heat? Get scorched with The Bobbyteens in the "Way-Back Machine". Then head on over to "On the Record" for a hot ass interview with Alan Walker (The Bounty Hunters) by none other than Mr. Pleathur (SugarBuzz USA).


Bombshell tonight! Four new updates now up at SugarBuzz Magazine! Geordie Pleathur (SugarBuzz USA) interviews Mark Lemon, Victoria Joyce (SugarBuzz Hollywood) reviews The Shakers, Jillian Abbene (SugarBuzz Baltimore/Wash DC/Richmond) kicks one loose from her secret archives, TV Smith live, and our awesome photographer Mila Reynaud hits the 13th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament and Music Festival in Las Vegas, featuring Mila’s most awesome photos and as a special treat, Mila writes the review herself! Thrill to her take on the event! So get on it and support your local music scene, and if you don’t have a music scene, make one!


It takes a lot to get Victoria (SugarBuzz Hollywood) excited. Seems Imagine Dragons did just that. Live from The Viper Room. "Uncensored"


It's a wake up call from the Pleathur man....... Tom Morello and "Union Town". "Uncensored"


"Headliners and Legends" is where you find the facts on Dayglo Abortions this Friday at Alex's Bar in Long Beach CA. And "Uncensored" is where Geordie (SugarBuzz USA) is sporting Buckcherry .


A day late, and six hundred and fifty dollars short. Don't ask. Anyway here is a couple of uplifters for you Shugsters. Victoria (SugarBuzz Hollywood) spells it out with The Relative Strangers doing their thing at The Key Club. And from across the great divide, Rich Cocksedge (SugarBuzz UK) turns us on to The World/Inferno Friendship Society and their newest release. "Uncensored"


Outstanding interview now up with Brenn Beck from Left Lane Cruiser. Duda (Sugarbuzz Toronto) did it up! I am fucking hooked. "On the Record" Is The Shug badass or what!?!


It's a house party over at Geordie Pleathur's (SugarBuzz USA) pad! And the main act is none other than the J. Geils Band. Interesting antidotes included at no extra charge! "Uncensored"


Is it just me or is May going by at light speed? Damn. Here is my review of the Jim Jones Revue live at the El Rey in Los Angeles. Yeah, I know, the gig was a while back, but Rome wasn't built in a day either. It took at least two or three days! "Uncensored"


Remember Rich Cocksedge (SugarBuzz UK)? Neither do I. LOL!! (Just kidding Rich!) Rich has blown me away by sending in two brilliant reviews after being missing in action for well over a year. American Speedway has a new full length and heaven help us, so do the Dwarves. "Uncensored" for both!


Life is flying by real fast. Work, work, work. I have three new live reviews in the works, and the other writers are busy as shit as well. Here's Geordie's (SugarBuzz USA) interview with Glenn Tranter (The Bounty Hunters). "On the Record"


We here at The Shug are really excited about this next one. Christopher Duda interviews Vic Godard from one of the original British punk bands, Subway Sect. "On the Record"


Is it Friday yet? To tied us over in the meantime, here is Victoria's bit on Warner Drive and The Nasty Souls at The Roxy in Hollywood. "Uncensored"


Good Morning Shugsters! Been missing each and every one of you. No, I have not been sitting on my ass. I have been building pages for four new smoking articles to make your rock and roll lives all the more kick ass. Let's see what's in the Lucksters bag of tricks. Here's Geordie Pleathur's (SugarBuzz USA) interview with the one and only Texacala Jones. You may remember Texacala from Tex and the Horseheads. "On the Record". Digging a bit more we have Christopher Duda's (SugarBuzz Toronto) interview with Griff and Dan from White Noise Sound. Psychedelic peaking! "On the Record". Next we have another Duda (SugarBuzz Toronto) interview, this time with Dave Travis filmmaker of "A History Lesson Part 1". A glimpse at punk rock in Los Angeles in the early eighties. "On the Record" Let's dig even deeper, here's Geordie Pleathur (SugarBuzz USA) and his latest state of the nation with John Lennon "Power to the People". "Uncensored". Finally, hit up "Headliners and Legends" for info about a special show with Love Revisited. So have a great day, get your read on, and tonight, go out and support your local music scene! ~ Lucky


This is a public service announcement! Blackboard Jungle has set the date for their annual reunion show. In support this year will be none other than The Glamour Punks! "Headliners and Legends" has the cool ass flyer!


What some more?? I can't hear you! Hey Shugsters!! You want some fucking more!!??!! Well take this babies! A double dose of Geordie Pleathur (SugarBuzz Nation), Michael Monroe's new CD, and a look at The Prophets of Addiction. And that Hollywood madam Victoria Joyce (SugarBuzz Hollywood) sends it action packed with The Binges, Love and a .38 and Rival Sons doing their thing at The Viper Room. God I love this shit! "Uncensored" for all. And while you are at it, "Headliners and Legends" has info about Donovan's special 45th anniversary performance of Sunshine Superman at London's Royal Albert Hall on June 3, 2011.


Geordie Pleathur takes us on a magical mystery tour with Beady Eye and their new CD "Different Gear, Still Speeding". "Uncensored" Late night posting never felt so good. It's Duda (SugarBuzz Toronto) interviewing Eddie Baranek from The Sights! "On the Record"


OK Shugsters, after the flu, re-writes, updates and agony, here is my review of Piss N' Blood kicking ass at On the Rox in Hollywood. "Uncensored".


"Headliners and Legends" is sporting info for the Eternal Art Tattoo charity art show. Good Times!


"Headliners and Legends" is where you will find flyers for two upcoming Punk Rock Social shows that will shake your core.


It appears they let Pleathur (SugarBuzz Nation) loose upon the land and he headed straight to an LA Guns show. Here is his take complete with pictures by Anguish Young! "Uncensored"


Head over to "Headliners and Legends" for info on The Cleveland Confidential Book Tour hitting The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles on April 14, 2011. Perhaps the names Cheetah Chrome (Rocket From The Tombs, Dead Boys, Batusis), Mike Hudson (The Pagans), Bob Pfeifer (Human Switchboard, former Senior VP Epic/Sony Records and President of Hollywood Records) and David Thomas (Rocket From The Tombs, Pere Ubu) might ring a bell.


I have been sick for going on eleven straight days. They said the flu this year was really bad and they weren't lying. I got so sick I developed bronchitis and the anti-biotic they prescribed is worse than the symptom. I am pretty fucked up. I have missed a shitload of work and I am running out of sick time that I have saved up for like ever. Thank God I have sick time at all or I would be really screwed. I need some rock redemption, so I have dragged my ass to the computer to post Duda’s (SugarBuzz Toronto) interview with The Diplomats of Solid Sound. Be sure to check them out. “On the Record” Also, this “What’s New” page was getting bogged down with every update since 2004. So I cleaned house. If you are a real Shugster history buff, have no fear, as I left a link to go to the 2004 – 2010 updates. The link is posted under 1/1/11. Thanks!


Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all! I really am not celebrating this year, too many bad things brewing. Thank God for The Shug, it saves me from shear insanity! So today you get two updates for the price of none! Victoria Joyce (SugarBuzz Hollywood) and Mila Reynaud (SugarBuzz Photographer Extraordinaire) team up to bring you David J with Adrian H and The Wounds. And Geordie Pleathur (SugarBuzz Nation) brings us the latest release from the New York Dolls. "Uncensored" for both.


Take a stand with the brotherman! Geordie Pleathur (SugarBuzz Nation) hits it home with his state of the nation, and some Patti Smith wisdom.


We can't get enough of Texas Terri. Yeah, we love her, and you do too! Please listen to Victoria Joyce's (SugarBuzz Hollywood) interview with Texas Terri recorded at The Redwood Bar and Grill in Los Angeles. "Podcast"


Things are happening fast around here, and I am working a s hard as I can to keep the rock rolling. Up early to post Victoria's (SugarBuzz Hollywood) review of Elliot Randall and The Deadmen live at The Viper Room. Photos by David Arnspiger! "Uncensored" / I'm back Shugsters! It's night time and here is my review of Texas Terri Bomb live at The Redwood in Los Angeles! If you missed this show, well you just were not paying attention! "Uncensored"


Look out Shugsters! Reb Sixxx (SugarBuzz International) is back and she's bringing on the nasty! Read her review of the smash EP from The Sparkly Cats and see if you get turned on too! "Uncensored"


Christopher Duda (SugarBuzz Toronto) is back. And so is the man that has most likley been in The Shug more than any other artist, Peter Blast. Together they spin Peter's EP "Straight Up No Ice". So download it and listen NOW! "Podcast" section.


Rock N Write (SugarBuzz Las Vegas) is back after a long MIA session and she’s brought new friend Donnie Marhefka along for the ride. After stints as lead vocalist for some powerful ass metal bands, Donnie is now assuming lead guitar duties in American Corpse Flower. Read the interview now! “On the Record”. And if you are in Huntington Beach tonight, you have to go see Piss N Blood, Monroe Suicide and The Hexxers live! Check out "Headliners and Legends" for more info!


"Monday Monday, can't trust that day!" Oh hey Shugsters, just a little link over at Headliners and Legends to start your week off right! Dance Hall Pimps anyone!?!


Victoria Joyce (SugarBuzz Hollywood) and Mila Reynaud (SugarBuzz Photographer Extraordinaire) teamed up to cover the Semi Precious Weapons opening night of the On the Rox, Empire Party once a week residency thru the end of March. Out of control!! "Uncensored"


So we are so fricking excited about the Texas Terri Bomb show this Friday night in Los Angeles, that we decided to dig deep into the SugarBuzz archives and re-post Victoria Joyce's (SugarBuzz Hollywood) interview with Texas Terri from the mid to early 2000's. Long thought lost, I have found the interview and have posted it in its original format, with the original pictures Victoria took. So enjoy Shugsters, I also found a lot of other early SugarBuzz articles, again long thought lost, and will post some from time to time. Let's ROCK!!! (On The Record... Down towards the bottom)


Hurray, Victoria Joyce (SugarBuzz Hollywood) is back! Always fun to read one of Victoria's articles, she always includes the reader in the experience. Today Victoria takes us along to The Viper Room to check out The Royal Heist, Oh No Not Stereo, and Jordan Cook. "Uncensored".


Geordie Pleathur (SugarBuzz Nation) speaks his mind, filling you in on world news, poliitical firestorms and "white hot" rockers, The Silver Brazilians . "Uncensored"


You want em! You got em! Geordie Pleathur (SugarBuzz Nation) breaks it big with his interview of Micky Finn and Joe Normal from Cold Blue Rebels. These guys are causing quite a sensation and you don't want to miss out! The article includes killer photography from Danni Valdez, so get on it! "On the Record"


Geordie Pleathur (SugarBuzz Nation) has been shouting the praises of Paul K. Isn’t it time you listen. “Uncensored”


Been a while Shugsters, but sooner or later I always turn up. And I brought The Hangmen with me. Please check out my review of their show at The Cat Club in Hollywood. Better late than never! "Uncensored".


Duda (SugarBuzz Toronto) is at again Shugsters! This time he talks shop with Gerry Alvarez from The Gruesomes and now The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey. This shit is awesome! "On the Record".


Hey Shugsters! Wanna be in a Social Distortion video? Go to "Headliners and Legends" to find out how!


Thanks for making the scene Shugsters! Christopher Duda (SugarBuzz Toronto) does it up with Arthur Alexander from Sorrows. Dig it! "On the Record". And be sure to head over to the "Headliners and Legends" section for info on the upcoming Compulsions show in New York.


Just stopping by to drop off Cary Doll's (SugarBuzz NY) bit on the Ronnie Spector Christmas Show in New York. Sounds like a good time was had by all, especially Cary! "Uncensored".


Happy Fucking New Year Shugsters! New Years Eve was spent hiding out, and I literally slept the entire day yesterday, except for a few times when I woke up and watched the Twilight Zone marathon. Good times indeed. LOL! So let's get this sucker rolling! Here is Geordie Pleathur's sit down with none other than legendary guitar star Brian "Damage" Forsythe. You all know Brian from Kix, Rhino Bucket, and other rock and roll machines. Hit It! "On the Record".


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